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You Call This A Guaranteed Salary


Author Name: Jeffrey Solochek Contact Email Address: [email protected] WebSite: nosugarcoating.info/ Category: Career, Society, Management, Society, Business Description: Received an email the other day about a job with a guaranteed salary.. Keywords: slary, employment, carrer, business opportunity, Careerbuilder, Monster, Craigslist Word Count: 525

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Received an email the other day about a job with a guaranteed salary. I was told I had to call this number at a certain time because this email had gone out to a lot of people and rather than individual calls we were all to call at a specific time to get an overview of the position. I have applied for a lot of positions online so I thought that this was maybe a position I had applied

A fixed compensation periodically paid to a person for regular work or services If the job is a sales job then the salary will be paid whether I sell nothing or a thousand units. The job turns out it is straight commission for the first thirty days then if I do at least 40 sales per period they will pay me a salary. This however, is not a salary. The only thing that makes this different from an MLM company is that I do not have to stock any products. The call was trying to build up an excitement and to get me to pay a one time fee of $99 so that instead of only getting $15 per item sold I would then get $50 per item sold.

In the beginning of the call they said that this was not MLM but as soon as I hear this I know that this is not a salaried position or even an honest job. It is getting to the point that the only way to find a real job is to get yourself a copy of the local phone book and just call up every company in there and see if any of them need anybody. Even the jobs on Craigslist are turning out to be like the one I wrote about in the first paragraph.

If companies only want to pay a straight commission then they need to advertise their positions in the small business opportunity section of a paper I have a wife and two kids who depend on me so straight commission is not an option. Even on sites like Careerbuilder and Monster I see these ads for straight commission work. In todays economy who can work like this? Will utility companies accept the fact that you only work on commission and that you cannot pay your bill as of now? Or will they just disconnect your service?

The only way a straight commission position can work is if they are offering some type of financing to customers and they are giving you the prospects to sell to. Otherwise they are basically saying we want you to be in business for yourself. Of course if they want us to be in business for ourselves then they need a slap in the face and better be paying us a lot greater than just 20 percent commission. With the economy as bad as it is maybe we all just need to say goodbye to regular employment and look at some sort of business opportunity. One thing for sure is these newspaper services should have much better screening so that job ads posted are actually real jobs.
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Jeffrey A. Solochek writes a broad range of articles on his niches of life, business, and marketing. All his writings contains<a href="http://www.nosugarcoating.info/facts" target="_blank">No BS, No Fluff</a>


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