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Cracking the Code to Finding Your Niche - Riches Are Niches™

Cracking the Code to Finding Your Niche - Riches Are Niches™ Do you ever wonder why some people are really making money in their businesses, and so many are just make a living?

Or how some people do very little selling and cold calls, yet they always have plenty of clients, and clients come to them?

Or how some people have had a publisher come to them and say, "We want to publish your book"?

Imagine having loyal customers who love your products, who sign up for all your teleseminars, buy all your products, and can't wait to know about the next one. And they refer their colleagues and friends to you.

That can happen for you, and I have great news for you! You are about to learn how to find your Niche, how to be the Expert that your Niche trusts, how to develop products for your Niche - products they'll buy, and how do design your marketing to fit your Niche.

Only a few business owners using the secrets I'm about to share with you. They know what their Niche is and they do everything they can to "own" that Niche. That is, to be known as the Expert, so clients come to them, and they have a loyal following of customers who come back to them and buy valuable information time after time.

When I first started in business, my sales weren't what I wanted them to be, so I started looking for answers. I did a lot of reading, and asked the Experts themselves. Everything I read and what everyone said was summed up in one word -- "Niches."

Having a niche means knowing your customers. It means knowing who they are, what makes them get up and go to work in the morning, how they like to work, and what drives them. When you know your niche, you can use marketing techniques to promote your products and services to people and get results every time.

Very few business owners know their niche. Many find a niche, stumble, find another niche, stumble again and find another niche. They lack consistency, and without consistency, there is no successful business. "Riches Are Niches™" uses proven techniques so you get more clients and make more money. Here are the 7 steps in my "Riches Are Niches system™.

As you read these steps, I would suggest that you make notes. I also recommend that you start a folder called "Riches Are Niches" and put this article and all the notes and information you find about Niches in it. That way you have all the information in one place, and can work with it much more easily as you define your own Niche.

Finding your Niche means you are matching your expertise with a group of people you love to work with, who have the challenges you solve, and who can afford to pay you.

A Niche is a specific group within your target audience and clients. For example, a business that provides marketing services may have a target audience of "business owners" because business owners always want to get more clients. "Business owners" is a very large, broad category--too broad to focus on as your customers.

A Niche within "business owners" is "business owners who are speakers" or "business owners of companies that have been in business at least 3 years" or "business owners of companies who want million-dollar businesses".

Action Steps:

Answer these questions to start identifying your Niche:

1. Who are you? For example, what is your Brilliance? What do you love to do? What do you do easily? What energizes you? What do people come to you for--advice, resources, positive thinking, and getting things done?

2. Who do you want to work with? People who do what they say? Follow up? Pay on time, gratefully? Are committed to making changes? Are easy to work with? What is their age? Family situation? A transition they're in?

3. Who can afford to pay you? What is their income level? Seasonal? Your fees may be a tax deduction for a business owner--check with your accountant. Business owners often invest in their businesses and ways to improve it.

About the Author:

Jan Wallen works with individuals and companies that want significant sales results. Jan is action- and results-oriented. Once you start working together, she is 100% committed to significant sales results for you. To learn more, call (646) 485-4059 or go to www.janwallen.com

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