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DoubleDigitCTR Reviewed

DoubleDigitCTR Reviewed It doesn't matter what type of internet marketing you want to get involved with, there seems to be hundreds of experts ready to show you

- The best methods to use

- The top software to buy

- The latest and best tips

- How they made MILLIONS

- How they started from nothing and now drive a Lotus

And how they are willing to share all their knowledge with you - for what turns out to be a hefty price. Some are asking for as much $300 per month, and while I am not saying that they are scams, I am saying that you should be careful to not believe everything you read.

So, armed with all of the skepticism at my disposal, I took the magnifying glass to James Shramko's DoubleDigitCTR.

Firstly, this is not an all-encompassing resource for internet marketers. It has been designed for people who want to make money from pay per click (PPC) advertising. So that's the first warning - if this is not the type of internet marketing/advertising that you wish to pursue, then save your money.

Secondly, if you are a total newcomer to internet marketing, then I think its safe to say that it may not be for you - yet. There is a certain level of knowledge of internet marketing and PPC assumed. If you are a newbie, then file the link somewhere safe, because chances are you will grow into it and reap its rewards further down the track.

So, who is DoubleDigitCTR for exactly?

1. The 'failed' PPC marketer

In these days of political correctness, it seems the word 'failed' has no place. But if you have spent money on a PPC campaign and not covered your costs let alone make a profit - let's cut to the chase - your campaign failed. But don't despair - PPC is a very lucrative way to earn money IF you know how to do it right.

2. The marketer who wants MORE

And I'm guessing that is just about all of you. Even if your PPC campaigns are running along smoothly, by applying the strategies in DoubleDigitCTR, I think your figures will improve exponentially.

Proven results

In his DoubleDigitCTR product, James has pulled together an immense information base and employed his proven techniques to an actual campaign, for which he provides screen shots. The result is credibility.

What I particularly like about this product though is that James explains things so well, in easy to follow steps. He takes apart the Google Adwords set up procedure and demonstrates clearly how you can save money on your campaigns.

With a huge emphasis on keyword research and emotive language in PPC ads, he shows how to focus with laser like precision on a target niche to ensure those who click on your ads are buyers, not just lookers.

So, in summary, if PPC is your thing - you will be doing yourself (and your wallet) a favor by snapping up this product.

If you are a new internet marketer I suggest you wait until you have gained a little more experience before tackling the minefield that can be pay per click marketing.

About the Author:

Kerry Finch is a full time writer and researcher, with a particular focus on internet marketing products. Learn more about pay per click at www.ppcsuccesscoach.com

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