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Four Easy Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt

Four Easy Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt Having a credit card can be a smart financial tool. Yet every year, many consumers find themselves facing high balances and a growing amount of debt. If you're concerned about debt problems, there's good news for you: with a few steps, you can stay ahead financially. Here are some ways to help you avoid debt.

Have the Right Attitude

When signing up for a card, it may be easy to feel as though you have instant access to a large amount of cash. The reality of credit cards, however, is that they operate like a loan. Whatever amount you charge will eventually have to be paid back. Understanding this can help you make smart decisions about when to use them and how much to spend.

In addition to understanding exactly how the card works, you'll want to stay on top of your other finances. Keep careful track of how much you earn and spend each month. If you do not already have a budget, you might consider starting one. You'll also want to decide what you are going to use the card for. You might want to use it for everyday purchases, and then pay off the balance each month. Another option is to save it for large items or emergency uses.

Establish a Savings Fund

Many times high balances are racked up when something unplanned, like a job loss or health crisis, comes up. While it is nearly impossible to predict when these events will happen, you can take measures to make sure you have the needed funds available in case an emergency does occur. If you don't already have a savings account, consider setting one up. If you do have one, plan to deposit a small amount in it each month. This will allow you to build a cushion to draw from should anything unexpected arise.

Pay on Time and in Full

Perhaps the best way to avoid debt is to pay off the entire balance every month. If you're unable to do that every month, try to at least pay more than the minimum balance listed on your statement. You'll also want to send in the amount on time, or even before the due date, each month. Most companies let you make a payment online, making it easier than ever to avoid late fees.

Know the Interest Rate

Sometimes problems occur when cardholders do not realize just how much they are paying in interest. If you're not sure what the interest rate is, check right away. If it is too high, consider applying for a low interest offer. This will make a significant difference if you carry a balance for even a few months of the year.

By knowing and understanding the terms before you apply, you can prepare yourself and be on your guard against unnecessary debt. Before you make a purchase, figure out how you will pay it back. Then follow that plan before making another large purchase. By managing your finances well, you'll be able to steer clear of credit card debt for years to come.

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