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Getting Someone's Driver's License Number

Getting Someone's Driver's License Number Privacy laws have gotten more specific and strict over the last fifteen years. The use of online information has proliferated to the point where almost anyone armed with just a little information and a willingness to spend some money can find out a great many pieces of personal information, including a person's driver's license number. Having this data can lead to finding other information that can be used for illegal purposes. Stalkers, identity thieves and estranged partners can find people who otherwise want to be protected and undetected.

Passed in the 1990s, the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DDPA) is intended to prevent just such invasions. It lists specific reasons for legitimately accessing driver's license numbers. Officials with the judicial system or prospective employers have good legal reasons for getting at these numbers. While the act has been amended to include many of the technological changes of the last fifteen years, ways to circumvent these safeguards are readily available.

The Internet now provides many sites where you can access a tremendous variety of information, some of which is legitimate and some of which is not. Identity theft is a huge problem now and a person equipped with a few pieces of private information can steal money from unsuspecting online shoppers and browsers. Some online sites state that information thus gathered is not to be used for illegal gain but that doesn't stop a thief hidden behind the anonymity of the Internet.

The DDPA does protect against giving out some types of private information - it does not restrict access to certain types of public records. Some of these public records contain sensitive private information which can be then used to find out other, illegally usable information such as a driver's license number. Driving records, some legal proceedings, and real estate deals are all a matter of public record and as such are accessible to the public. Frequently, this type of record contains names, addresses and other private data which can be parlayed into finding really sensitive information.

Some of these online sites are expensive and do have restrictions placed on them but are still usable for finding someone and their information. States are enabled to set up their own laws for curtailing access to private data so it would be wise to explore what other avenues are open to you for finding this type of information. Of course, hiring a private detective can be useful if you are willing to go that far.

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