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Give your Tarp a Longer Life with Tarp Accessories

Give your Tarp a Longer Life with Tarp Accessories Tarpaulins are great and very necessary items to have, because you can use them to provide protection from the elements for just about anything you need to cover. They even provide coverage in arctic temperatures, such as with our silver heavy-duty tarpaulin. Our white heavy-duty tarpaulin, as with our silver heavy-duty tarpaulin, resists mildew, is waterproof, and is also acid and tear resistant.

However, it's quite likely that you won't need just tarpaulins. There are a variety of accessories you can use with tarpaulins that not only make them easier to use and more utilitarian, but they may also be able to extend a tarpaulin's life so that you get more use out of it. Always a good thing, because it saves you money in the end. Here are some of our most popular accessories.

First on the list of tarpaulin accessories you might need is a "grabber." A grabber works like a grommet, but it's virtually indestructible. It's up to four times stronger than the traditional grommet. Simply add one anywhere you need it. Grabbers work on both canvas and poly tarpaulins. Grabbers are made of heavy duty plastic and are especially useful; if you lose grommets off of your tarpaulin, you can simply replace them with some grabbers. This saves you both time and money, because you can just put them in your pocket and carry them with you. No time lost on the job because you suddenly can't tie your tarpaulin down. And because grabbers are virtually indestructible, they'll stand up under any conditions.

Next, you might need some bungees. Bungees are great because you can tie your tarpaulin down on top of whatever you need to protect, or you can wrap what you need to protect in your tarpaulin and bungee it shut. This provides extra protection from the weather, thus protecting your valuable property. When you use a bungee (or more than one) to secure your tarpaulin, it won't come off in strong wind or blowing rain, for example. This protects your property and saves you money, because you won't have to be replacing damaged items. Bungees come in three different sizes, so you can lash your tarpaulin down no matter how big the item it's protecting is. They're a great way to secure projects in inclement weather, or to protect items from the sun.

Third on the list of necessary accessories are yellow snapper grommets. Yellow snapper grommets give you extra tiedown points for your tarpaulin, so that you have extra security and protection for your items when needed. No need to risk damage to your property.

We also carry alternative spare grommets. Alternative spare grommets can be used to replace worn-out grommets, or to customize your own tarpaulins. These alternative spare grommets can be carried anywhere, to repair the tarpaulins, so that you don't lose time on the job you're working on. They are a cheap and economical way to add extra grommets to your tarpaulin, for light to medium duty use. (For extra heavy-duty use, you might want to consider using our Grabbers instead.)

Tarpaulin tape is indispensable, because it can repair small tears or damage to tarpaulins, so that you don't have to replace them. In fact, once you tape your tarpaulin, it can be as leakproof as it was originally. In fact, tape is one of the most useful accessories of all. Even with heavy duty at tarpaulins, including our very popular silver heavy-duty tarpaulin, tears or other damage can happen. We carry tarpaulin tape in every color, so you can repair any color tarpaulin; what's your color? We have silver tarpaulin tape, white tarpaulin tape, blue tarpaulin tape, green tarpaulin tape, and clear tarpaulin tape, so that you can still fix your tarpaulin even if you can't find the exact color you need. This way, you can still repair your tarpaulin perfectly, and the repair won't be obvious. And of course, clear tape will also work if the tarpaulin itself is clear.

All of our accessories work with each type of tarpaulin we carry. So if you've purchased a tarpaulin and it's gotten damaged, you don't need to worry, and it's likely that your tarpaulin won't even need replacing. You can repair it quickly and cheaply with any of our accessories, and get extended life from it. This is very cost effective, and helps you get the most use out of your investment, so that you don't have to buy a new tarpaulin every time you damage it. This could get very expensive, so accessories will help you save money in the end.

In addition, of course, these accessories make your tarpaulin more useful. For example, bungees help you tie down your tarpaulins effectively, while new grommets can replace old ones and even save you time, since they can be replaced right on the job.

About the Author:

Author Bob Page has worked in the poly tarps industry for well over 25 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge of the tarpaulin industry. Bob can be contacted at Tarps-ToGo tel: 239 919 2923 email [email protected] or the web site at www.tarps-togo.com

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