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Give Them What They Want

Give Them What They Want

So, your Internet business is up and running. You've carefully chosen and researched a niche, selected and displayed products to your customers, processed their orders, and even generated some new visitors. It looks like all the basic small business website design principles are in place to build your online business. You've seen others make amazing profits in their online business. What do they know that you don't? What are you missing?

I've worked hard to build a successful online business. I've succeeded where others have failed through one simple principle -- I give my customers what they want. In return, they keep coming back.

My customers, like you, appreciate what is familiar and comforting. Everyone does it. You see a new book from your favorite author, a new CD by your favorite singer, a new movie starring your favorite actor, and you can't wait to experience it.

You loved the last book (or CD, or movie) and wanted more. They offered more, and generated more sales. Its much easier to sell your product or service to people who already know you. Hopefully, their purchasing experience was a pleasant one, so they like and even trust you. People prefer to buy from those that they like and trust, those that are familiar.

If they drove past your store every day, they would constantly be reminded of your presence. The Internet doesn't work that way. You need another way to market to them. Start by capturing the e-mail addresses of all the visitors to your website. Once they leave, there is only a 1% chance they will ever return (even if you're bookmarked, or in their list of favorites). How will you get them back?

You must do two things. First, always look for new products to offer to your clients. Second, stay in contact with your customers constantly. Give them the option of driving past your website to check out the specials. No, you're not intruding, and you are not being rude. Just the opposite, in fact. If I invited you to my home and then never spoke to you again, that would be rude! Yet business owners make this mistake every day.

Spend some time developing your e-mail list. Offer your customers a special deal - offer a free article, mini-course, or newsletter in exchange for their first name and e-mail address. This is a quick and easy way to develop a healthy e-mail list.

Your e-mail list is where the money is. Large corporations like Amazon.com use their lists to advertise special offers, new products, and more directly to customers. You can easily use the same technology. Keep doing this, and you too can make an amazing profits with online business!

In the spirit of giving your customers what they want, keep this in mind. Let's say you have developed an e-book. By selling it for $27, you hope to eventually become a millionaire. Imagine how much easier that journey would be if you sold $97 e-books, complete with audio and video. Perhaps your customers will come back for a $447 home study course. They tell their friends, and before you know it, they are all clamoring for a $5,500 workshop. That's a great way to build a successful online business!

Give your customers what they want, and they will always return. Some customers will want more - more information, more attention, more products and services. Offer them quality information, and keep them informed of everything you offer. You and your customer will enjoy a long and happy relationship.

� Copyright 2008 Stephen Beck

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