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Is a GPS Fleet Tracking System Right for My Business?

Is a GPS Fleet Tracking System Right for My Business? If you are a Fleet Owner you've probably been thinking about installing a GPS system in your fleet for years, BUT...you've hesitated. You're just not sure. Will it really make a difference? Is it worth the investment? How will I break the news to my drivers?

Over the past seven years I have installed thousands of GPS Fleet Tracking systems for hundreds of companies and frankly, if you have waited this long to install a system in your fleet you are probably losing money every day.

When I first started installing GPS Fleet Tracking systems back at the "turn of the century" the early adopters felt like pioneers, and wanted to be the first on their block to have this cutting-edge technology. However, most Fleet Owners waited to see what would happen. They watched their competitors install various systems, most with great success. Amazingly, as of this writing less than ten percent of fleet owners have installed a GPS Fleet Tracking system. Why? Simple - too much confusion. Fleet owners are bombarded with direct mail ads and telemarketing calls from salespeople selling everything from battery operated devices to GPS enabled cell phones. After seven years, I've learned that there really is no alternative to an in-vehicle, real-time system. The other systems will not give you the reliable, timely information you need and are more trouble than they are worth. Besides that, the in-vehicle solutions have become very affordable and easy to install and - most importantly - almost always pay for themselves within their first ninety days!

Is a GPS Fleet Tracking system right for your business? Try to identify areas in which you are experiencing inefficiencies or un-necessary costs where a GPS Fleet Tracking system can have an immediate and lasting impact:

1. Do your drivers take their vehicles home with them? If so, are they permitted to use your vehicles for personal use? It is amazing how many miles can be shaved off once your system is installed, saving big dollars on fuel and maintenance while at the same time eliminating the potential liability of personal use of your vehicles.

2. Are your drivers paid by the hour? Do they clock in and out with a paper time card, noting the time that they start and end their day on the "honesty" system? In general, I've learned that most employees are not "out to get" their employers, but it is hard not to fudge the time card a little. Saving only ten minutes per day of time card abuse will easily pay for your system all by itself!

3. Do you worry about your drivers doing side-jobs with your vehicles and materials? With a GPS Fleet Tracking system you'll get paid for every job performed by your assets.

4. Are you concerned about potential liabilities if your drivers are speeding or driving recklessly? With GPS you are virtually riding along with every driver, all day every day. Your drivers will know it and will think twice before putting your assets at risk!

These are just a few of the many ways that a GPS Fleet Tracking system can help you to - simply stated - keep MORE of the money already flowing through your company for YOURSELF! Over the past seven years I've learned that (understandably) fleet owners simply will not purchase a system unless they are absolutely convinced that it will save them much more than it costs. Once again, most Fleet Owners find that their GPS Fleet Tracking system pays for itself within the first ninety days.

I know, you still have some concerns about how to break the news to your drivers - that's normal. Your employees are like your family, right? I've learned that your best employees will embrace the system, and yes - the ones that have something to hide will fight it. In fact, you may even lose a few people - but you'll be better off without them.

As soon as your system is up and running you'll kick yourself for waiting this long - but you will also be thrilled with the increase in efficiencies and decrease in costs to manage your fleet.

About the Author:

Don Mastrangelo has installed thousands of GPS Fleet Tracking systems for hundreds of fleet owners since 2001. He can be reached at www.ReadySetGoGPS.com , [email protected] or (800) 688-0999.

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