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Hey You, Want This Kind of Wealth & Happiness?

I was at my high school friend's birthday party 2 hours ago from when I've started writing you this e-mail. Yes she did get prettier with each passing year.

It was sort of a gathering for our high school mates as well, so we had a chance to meet with people and friends from years ago.

You see, this birthday friend of mine stayed in a very beautiful guarded community here where I live. Imagine million-dollar houses all around, surrounded by trees, golf fields and so on.

So when I first reached her house at around 8.15pm, the first thing I noticed was how calm I felt as I got out of the car.

There was just something about a community where everyone who's rather wealthy stays together.

As you look around, you'll find that most cars there just look better than any other you've seen on the road. That's because they are better, and of course pricier too. Because of the reflections, they appeared even more beautiful and sent a feeling of positive motivation down my gut when I looked at them.

With the spot lights and ground lights etc. you can just notice how calm or energizing the homes are to the people who stayed in them.

The houses were classy… the atmosphere felt calm and comforting… and somehow they just make you feel like you want to strive harder in the moment.

So what's my purpose for telling all this to you?

There's a big difference between living a wealthy life and one that is not. Big difference.

Sure things would feel normal to you again and maybe, you just won't feel this same desire and drive if you get to buy the beautiful house I've described, stayed in it and looked at it everyday one day.

Yes, that feeling of being mesmerized and energized might become lower.

But the key is you WILL go through a different experience in your life that the people who aren't wealthy will never get to experience.

You will attract greater wealth into your life because of the positive energy of your surroundings – and even if you don't feel the same kind of motivation one day, it would've raised your standards of expectation to a higher bar subconsciously and allow you to achieve bigger accomplishments in the real world.

When you look back and compare yourself at that moment when you are wealthy and could afford to stay in a beautiful house… with the people who couldn't even afford a good meal outside with their family once a month and who live in much less comfortable houses…

You might also continue retaining that feeling of gratitude, which in return helps you fulfill even greater goals in front of you without a sense of exhaustion…

Because your desire to live well will became the natural fuel for all the actions you make in the future!

It's a different kind of happiness indeed. One that keeps recycling itself if you would understand how to use it with gratitude, one that keeps growing as time goes by, and one that helps you achieve much GREATER wealth when you are there.

The problem is, many people just make statements of satisfaction (I have gratitude for what I have… I don't need more) and death (once I leave the world, I won't keep any of this so why bother?) sort of a 'comfort,' 'excuse' or 'cover up' for not wanting to go out and realize better things!

If this is something that you're taught or something that you believe or take to heart, I'd suggest you rethink it again.

Yes life is short, and we should be grateful for what we have. But how good a life is lived, is determined by how good you live it. And how good you want to live it, is determined by your goals.

How big are your goals?

After around 2 and a half hours of food, wine and laughter, finally I've decided to head home with the beautiful mental picture of the event in mind.

Well right there, I left with a different kind of happiness. It's one that you can't purchase with money, sure, but you can create the chances of making that happiness with money.

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