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How to Choose an Employment Agency in New Zealand That's Right For You

How to Choose an Employment Agency in New Zealand That's Right For You Looking your telephone book, you'll find dozens of employment agencies throughout New Zealand. Regardless of your location, all these agencies want your business!

Your location, skills, and job requirements are the primary factors when choosing a New Zealand employment agency. Since you don't know the agency, and they don't know you, here are five ways to find the agency that's right for you:

Ask around!

New Zealand employment agencies with satisfied clients are often the very best way to get a feel for how the agency operates.

An agency should represent the company who hired them to recruit suitable applicants and they should, with equal vigour, represent you.

It is their function to represent both the hiring client and the job applicant with equal priority and enthusiasm.

If you know someone who has had a good experience with a New Zealand employment agency, this is the best professional reference you can acquire.

Once you have decided on a certain agency, be thoroughly prepared and do your homework!

Develop your own professional portfolio that includes your educational background, all your skills and experience using these skills, your job requirements, past employers and at least three letters from professional references.

Some agencies may ask why you left previous employers, so be ready for this question.Your curriculum vitae is the most important part of your portfolio.

If you feel a bit inadequate in thoroughly expressing your educational and professional accomplishes, consider hiring a freelance writer who specializes in CV preparation.

The length and complexity of your CV will determine the price charged by your writer.

You can find a CV specialist by doing a Google search of the writers' job boards like Elance, DirectFreelance, iFreelance, cragslist.com, WriterLance, JustMarkets.com and many others.

Dress for success!

When you have your first interview with a New Zealand employment agency, you need to create only the best presentation of your skills as well as your professional deportment.

Always keep in mind that your employment agent and your prospective employer rely heavily on first impressions!

When you first meet with your employment agency keep in mind your agent will advocate for you and prospective employers.

Job seekers who secure a job via a New Zealand employment agency gives the agency credibility with employer clients and other job seekers as well.

This is how the agency profits from matching the right applicant for the right employer.

Armed with this knowledge and preparation, you now know how to use the services of a New Zealand employment agency to your best advantage.

About the Author:

CONNEX Recruitment Ltd is an Auckland Employment Agency specializing in full service, white collar recruitment over a broad range of industry sectors. Our aim is to make the process and experience of recruiting staff simple and painless for everyone involved. Check us out: www.ConnexRecruitment.co.nz/

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