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How did I get involved in computers?

How did I get involved in computers? In the 70s they came out with a calculator with a 4K memory, which you could program. From that I got the idea how computers worked.

My next step was to buy a computer; I picked an apple 48K, which came with an accounts program to help me run my small business. It was not written with my business in mind.

The program was written in basic, I printed it out and thought I could have a go at that. I bought a few magazines that had little bits of script I could use. With in a week I had the outline of the program. It worked but over the next two years I tweaked it and got it to my liking.

Then I thought I could use it to run the manufacturing site of thing. (I sold windows, made them, and then fitted them). I got the sizes of the widows and put them in the computer and out came the cutting sizes of each type of window.

Two other window-manufacturing companies ask me to do it for them. As they where friends of mine, I did not charge them. One of the customers I had, already got a computer programming company in to do this, but they could not do it. So like the idiot I am I show them.

Well then Bill came out with the first Windows, which was not basic. So it was no; if a$ ="Y" then goto 200 (Basic), any more so I give up. Now there are so many programs out there is no point of writing your own.

Now I'm retired I thought I could earn some money with my computer. Well it's a big learning curve, most of the ebook tell you what to do but not how! It's getting better with all the videos out there.

You have to research the market for your keywords; mind you there are some good program to help you now. Then you have to get traffic to your site (biggest headache), Pay Per Click has beat me; say you sold something for $7.50 and you pay 15cence a click and you sold 1 out of 100 clicks. A good keyword might get you 1 in 50 how much you earned; "nowt" Average is 1 in 200 so your product must be over $30 to make anything.

I've never sold anything using P.P.C, it's a good job there are other methods of getting traffic! I think forums are a good way of getting traffic to your site. Your website should also have videos on them to keep them interested in the subject of your site.

Keep at it, you will get it right, some thing will work for you some will not.

About the Author:

David Pearce, I have 24 niche Website for you to look at: mega.djpsales.com all listed here. Each one has videos, articles and much more.

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