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How Effective Ad Copy Can Save Your Business, if Your Buildings Were to Crumble!

How Effective Ad Copy Can Save Your Business, if Your Buildings Were to Crumble! When the 911 terrorist attacks occurred in September 2001, many buildings circling the TWIN TOWERS also collapsed.

In the blink of an eye, a fortune in fixed assets, crumbled into the dust.

Many business people lost their livelihoods... instantly.

Although the above is graphically troubling for some, the analogy exists just the same.

And that is, "if your business was to lose every fixed asset you own - either due to flooding, fire, bankruptcy or any other 'disaster' how would you cope?

Could you replicate the success that you've built up over a good period of time, almost instantly?

For many, they'd have a hard time reconciling the two.

But, if one owned the most prized key in the business world (and knows how to use it) a business owner would be back in business faster than it takes to clear up the rubble.

So, what is that PRIZED KEY ?

Effective, salesmanship-in-print advertising writing. The type that gets people to purchase products, capture emails, request a free report, respond by some sort of simple action.

But, here's the real key: The better you are at delivering your effective communication EARLY ON IN THE CUSTOMER BUYING RELATIONSHIP you'll have them probably hooked for life.

And that means... EVEN WHEN THE CHIPS ARE REALLY REALLY DOWN, customers, clients, prospects whom you've interacted with over a period of time, will support you even in times of despair.

Getting customers on your side is vital. As you never know when you're going to need to ask them for... money, shelter, food or anything else. Stick close to them and they'll never ever desert you.

Can you now see the value of communicating with people who spend money with you, regularly, on a timely basis?

Of course you do.

Especially when you understand that at least 65% of customers in a business simply walks away to another competitor due to BUSINESS OWNER NEGLECT.

This lack of indifference, uncaring attitude and taking customers for granted, is a disease that's rarely likely to stop. Do you know what happened to the hundreds of stockbrokers who lost a lifetime's fortune with the stock market crash of 1929? They threw all their client records out of the high-rise buildings and they followed suit by jumping out of the building to their deaths. Obviously, their losses were too much to take.

But, do you know what the other stockbrokers were doing? They were snatching the client records out of the sky and stuffing them into their pockets.


So they could then find out the value of a client's monetary worth and accordingly adjust their approach to them. They were sitting on a ready-made goldmine, just waiting to be tapped!

The client list, the regular communicating and contact, the high net worth. All of it took careful and systematic nurturing,

Back to the twin towers.

When you think of it, no-one can really send a plane crashing into the side of your sales letters and marketing communications, can they?

Sales letters, emails, adverts, promotional literature in print, they ARE your biggest asset... BAR NONE!

When will you start creating compelling communications to your client base? When will you realise the inherent and immense value that a satisfied client can give you?

A little hint: Find out sooner, rather than later.

About the Author:

Nick James is a UK based direct marketer and product developer. During the last 5 years Nick has sold in excess of �1.6 Million Pounds worth of products and sevices online. Subscribe to his Free Tip Of The Week email at: www.Nick-James.com

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