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How To Fast Position A $10,000 Program With Your Strategic Design Model

How To Fast Position A $10,000 Program With Your Strategic Design Model When experts and entrepreneurs ask me today to reveal the one secret to quickly positioning the most expensive back end programs, this is what I tell them.

First of all, the power of a strategic design model is that it quickly communicates the power of what you do, much like a good Table of Contents (TOC) does for a book. A properly devised TOC builds the duality of good marketing and product creation—anticipation and confidence. Remember, your job is not to just deliver the most educationally sound material for your target market. But, to wrap it in the aura of what Christmas Eve does for Christmas Day. (It brings anticipation to a climax.)

Here is what you must know about creating your own strategic design model. Follow these seven steps, but watch your competitors, they will attempt to steal yours also!

1. A flow chart is a quick step-by-step overview of your system. Your system is your unique finger print where you recommend a series of steps or stages to solve a problem based on your own personal experiences.

2. A headline that communicates your market differentiation very clearly

3. Validity. There are two types. Internal Validity is facilitated by incorporating a law or two. Our company uses two in showcasing to entrepreneurs how to leverage the Recommendation Age. These two laws include Milgram's Law (Your ideal clients blindly believe the words of an expert) and Zipf's Law. (In an overcrowded market place, your ideal clients choose the company perceived to be on top.) External Validity can be leveraged through the use of testimonials.

4. Language. There are two types. Marketing language involves your own unique terms and words. For example we use terms like ASK and UPP which are acronyms that potential clients are educated to understand. Marketing language conveys momentum for your business. For example we use terms like "speed-to-market" and "business acceleration" to build momentum in the vocabulary we use. It is very important to become a master in the use of strategic language to subconsciously convey your importance in the market place.

5. You should incorporate a coded system that includes color coding and symbols in your strategic design model. This will convey the power that a legend has to a map. It showcases your ability to systematize your thinking and this is what your ideal clients want from you.

6. Credibility; there are three types:

i) Branding; which can be easily leveraged using your logo.

ii) Social Proof; which can be created from a demonstration of you showing leadership in your market place as a Thought Leader such as using an 'As Seen On TV' graphic.

iii) Copyright; which demonstrates subconsciously that your system is proprietary.

7. Within your design model you should include the next step(s) that your ideal should take. This is a great time to drive your ideal clients to analyze their problem from the way that they should be seeing their problem. We send our ideal clients to a qualification process so that they can understand not only what they should be looking for, but it provides them an opportunity to build trust with our company.

Include these seven critical elements to instantly position your business properly. Again, just make sure to hold on to your strategic design model: your competitors are going to want to get their hands on it!

About the Author:

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