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How to generate Life Insurance Leads

How to generate Life Insurance Leads How To get more life insurance leads.

One of the biggest secrets to making money as an insurance professional and generating life insurance leads... is the most under used strategy out there.

It's called Joint Ventures.

But don't let that fool you.

Joint ventures is not just about talking to some buddies or partners about sending leads to you.


It's not that at all. In fact most of us have had bad experiences with passive 'joint venture' partners.

What I'm talking about is ACTIVE joint venture lead generation.

The difference between generating life insurance sales leads with active joint venture partners and passive is this: Active works, passive doesn't.

So what is Active joint venturing? It's the system of creating joint venture relationships and then ACTIVELY marketing to their lists to generate leads for your own.

So here's how you do it in a nutshell.

Step 1. Identify your joint venture partners

This means you need to make a list of potential "Non Competing" insurance agents, professionals, and basically anyone else who has a list of clients.

If you're a captive, there is probably a lot of clients that you can't write because your companies just don't allow you to. So you need to be then finding another, maybe it's a commercial agent... maybe you have a hard time writing the commercial business.

So find an independent commercial agent who you can refer the business to but then in reciprocity he will give you access to all of his commercial accounts for you to write their person. That's the symbiotic relationship, obviously. Same goes for health. If you don't sell health, you need to have a relationship with a health agent to get access to all his people and sell them the personal lines.

I am always amazed at how few agents really have solid relationships with other people in the industry and they work those relationships.

Here are a few examples of Joint Venture Partners we could use. P&C Commercial agent High Risk P&C Health agents Financial planners Life agents Lawyers CPA's Chiropractors Dentists

Once you established this, you do step 2.

Step 2 is where you become active:

All that needs to be done is write an endorsed mailing letter. You get their permission to send it to their list and you may just start with the newsletter. That may be the easiest and most effective way to do this is start with sending your newsletter to his list and establish that you two work together and if there is any needs that they might have regarding XYZ coverages, you're their endorsed agent for this and you'd be happy to talk to them about that.

This is the fastest, easiest and MOST effective way to generate life insurance leads.

About the Author:

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