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How To Guarantee You Will Fail Your Job Interview

How To Guarantee You Will Fail Your Job Interview Job Interview Questions with Answers

Most employees find interviews cause fear, and this doesn't seem to reduce with age. By far the best method to minimize or even eliminate stress and anxiety is to know how to prepare properly for a job interview. One way of doing that is to have a shrewd idea of the fifty common job interview questions that are regularly asked.

It would be wise to find out some of the important data surrounding your potential employer. It is wise to know what they make or sell, how big their employment base is, what is their turnover, and what market sector do they operate in. Most of this information can be found in your local library, or online. Even better, ask the company for a copy of their annual report, and any promotional literature they might have. This knowledge will help when you are asked about why you want to work for them.

Typical interview questions about your work

1. Where have you worked, what appointment did you have, and what were you responsible for? 2. Were you satisfied in the job? 3. How much were you paid? 4. What pressures were there in running your routinely, and how did you overcome them? 5. What was the most satisfying part of your previous employment? 6. What did you enjoy least about your last job? 7. How would you rate your success on a scale of one to ten? 8. How did you get on with your other workers? 9. How efficient was your superior and what were his/her weaknesses? 10. So why do you want to leave this great job?

Those questions are a vast minefield,just waiting for you to stand on one. There is a sure way to make sure you avoid every trap that is laid before you - and having a full knowledge of job interview questions with answere is only part of the solution.

Some Personal Questions at Your Job Interview.

Think about these because they are all equally relevant for job interview questions healthcare as they are for a telemarketing job interview, or a firefighter interview, or a General Motors job interview. The answers are transportable across all employment areas and types.

11. Give us an example of what a typical working day consisted of at your last job 12. Did you ever find it necessary to take work home? 13. How did your wife / husband feel about that? 14. Typically, how many hours would you be willing to work in any one week? 15. Are you a speedy, steady, or slow worker? 16. How do you react to extremes of pressure at work? 17. What type of things really motivate you and urge you on? 18. Are there any types of decisions that you prefer not to take? 19. The most feared question at every job interview - tell me about yourself. 20. What has disappointed you most in your working life? 21. Are there things about work that make you mad? 22. How do you react to criticism? 23. If you were able to re-script your life to date, what would you amend, and why? 24. If we were to ask your work colleagues why we should employ you, what how would they respond? 25. Are you a team worker or a loner? 26. What does success mean to you and how is it measured? 27. And so on ........

These common job interview questions are also a viper's nest ready to destroy you if answered incorrectly.

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