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How to Position Yourself for a Bonus

How to Position Yourself for a Bonus Everybody looks forward to a nice, healthy bonus on top of their salary, but not everyone warrants it. In most workplaces bonuses are distributed on the basis of work performance, so it's important to think well ahead and plan out how you can earn the type of bonus you think you deserve.

Remember, employers are constantly observing you, and it is your year-round accomplishments that factor into the type of bonus you may be eligible for. You cannot just start working harder a few weeks before bonuses come out and expect to get a great results. Rather, make it a point to give it your all every day you are at work. Here are some easy and actionable ways to work toward a sizeable bonus:

Volunteer to help others with tasks that you may be valuable on, even if it's not part of your direct responsibility. If another team or group needs help, be quick to step in and offer your advice or services. This is especially true when the task is something you are particularly skilled in. Don't wait for someone to come over and ask. Volunteer to show how proactive you are and how willing you are to give of yourself to improve the overall bottom-line. Be sincere in your efforts to help others and you'll be pleasantly surprised that what goes around does come around.

Go the extra mile and do a better job than you are asked to do, to show that you never settle for the bare minimum. Never do anything half-heartedly, or overlook mistakes that you could have easily corrected. Strive for perfection—this will prove to the employer that you really do deserve a bonus that is a cut above the rest.

Be proactive in mentioning and evidencing your accomplishments to the employer who makes bonus decisions. Of course, you don't want to overdo it, but you need to make sure that the higher-ups notice what you are contributing to the workplace on a daily basis. If you go out of your way to help another team, why not casually mention it to the employer if you see him in the hallway or the elevator?

Remember, bonuses are given on the basis of the work employers observe you doing, so make sure you give them plenty to admire! And as I say elsewhere, always keep in mind that proper preparation prevents particularly poor performance.

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