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How To Solve The "What Do I Sell" Dilemma

How To Solve The "What Do I Sell" Dilemma One of the difficulties faced by those new to information marketing is to know where the markets are and what product or service to offer. Options include either promoting other people's products, either as an affiliate or as part of a joint venture or taking some licensed product, whether that be resell rights where you just resell the product untouched or private label rights where you can rebrand the product so it has your identity on it.

The problem with private label rights is that there are very few quality products available in which you can change the content, graphics and put your name on it that many hundreds, even thousands have already done or are currently doing. To make them really distinct, you have to really change them, bundle them with other products and offer a completely "new" product. There are always some very good licensed products that have excellent content that you can use and form the meat of your "new" product. But remember, you really do need to put some effort into it and ensure you make your "new" product very different and very distinctive from the competition.

One of the toughest areas to understand, for the new information marketer, is finding a niche and profiting from it. There are the challenges of what is the competition, how many are already selling into the market, are then genuine buyers or those that just want a supply of free information, is the market a seasonal one, what customer profile does the market have, pricing structures?. Market research begins with finding a ready pool of buyers. The best place for the beginner to start is with people who are in the "desperate" category. This can often involve someone who is suffering from pain or an ailment and is seeking relief. They are "desperate" buyers and will gladly spend money to solve their problem.

A second category to investigate is the pleasure seekers with money available and a desire for the best. Some of the most profitable information marketing businesses serve high spending individuals with exclusive products and services. Thirdly, there is a very sizable market catering for the personal passion. This is the hobbies and personal interest market. In fact, it can be divided into many thousands of niches and sub niches full of very passionate people that are willing to spend surprisingly large amounts of money fulfilling their desire for that passion. Just think of golf and the sub niches within golf and the millions that are spent each day on their dream fulfilment. If a book contained the information that could guarantee a golfer's scorecard could be reduced by a couple of shots, just imagine the demand for it. They are passionate buyers buying to fulfil their dream.

When undertaking the required market research you must ensure that you have located a market of buyers before you undertake any work with regard to product creation or sourcing. The last thing that you want to do is spend time and money on creating a product that you may think is great but in the chosen niche no-one actually wants it.

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