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How to Write Article Content for Distribution

How to Write Article Content for Distribution If you can learn how to write article content for distribution to article directories, and apply what you have learned correctly and intelligently, then there are very few reasons why your website should fail to be rapidly listed on Google and other search engines. That is the Nirvana for internet marketers, and once you achieve that listing, you can use your article writing skills and knowledge to achieve a page #1 listing.

Most people are aware of how to write article content, but how do you optimize what you write to attain high search engine listings? Here are a few tips from a professional article ghostwriter (me) with several years experience in article marketing, and writing articles for maximum impact and results.

1. Why are You Writing Articles?

You will find lots of advice online about how to write, but how many of these people ask you to consider why you are writing articles? Is it to show how much you know about your niche? Is it to help to solve problems for your readers? Either of these reasons are good reasons for writing, but how are they going to help promote your business? Before you write a single word make sure that you have it clear in your mind what you want to achieve.

2. How to Write Article Content to Achieve That

First you must do your research and find out what your potential readers might be looking for. Get your facts right, and then write about it. However, don't give it all, and leave more to be said. Provide part of an answer and infer that your website, or product, can provide the rest. That is frequently enough to persuade readers to click on the link in your resource.

If you can write article content in such a way as to leave your readers wanting to find out more, they are liable to click on your link for more information. However, if your article writing is amateurish and full of spelling and grammatical errors, then your readers might doubt your ability. I know that your grammatical knowledge and your knowledge of your niche are likely unconnected, but it is what your potential customers think that counts, nothing else.

There are ways in which you can improve your writing ability and style, and if you have doubts in that department then work on it. A well written article will bring better results than one that seems lacking in literacy, irrespective of what you might think. Sure, it might make no different to some, but those to whom you are looking to purchase your products are likely to be more discerning in that respect than casual readers.

3. Optimize Your Articles for Search Engines

You also have to learn how to write article content that will attract the attention of search engines. Any of your articles accepted by article directories are published on their own web pages contained within the directory. They are as likely to be listed on Google, for example, as any other web page. If you have optimized your article properly, then it could get a high listing on page #1 for the keyword on which it has been optimized.

You should therefore carry out keyword research and use the best keyword you can in the title and body of the article, using good optimization techniques based upon Google's latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm as a guide. That involves the use of vocabulary related to the keyword rather than endless repetition of it.

4. Write the Author's Resource Intelligently

Learning to write article content that keeps the reader involved and interested is only half the battle: you still have to get that click. Be honest in your resource, but offer something that the reader would want. Here, for example, I might offer more information on how to write a resource that your readers can't resist. That wouldn't be honest because about 90% plus of your readers will resist it, no matter how compelling it is.

What you should do is to make a genuine offer of help, that the reader can accept or not accept, but to offer an inducement to take that first step by making the click. OK, they might not go for your product to help them, but your offer should genuinely display your willingness to do so.

It could be a free ebook - not some free junk 5 years old, but something of value - or a course related to your niche. If you have a dog site then offer a five part course on teaching your dog some obedience tricks, or if on fishing then a few tips on choosing tackle and bait for specific types of fish. Be honest, with honest and useful offers or gifts, and you might be surprised at the response.

That's how to write article content for distribution: write with authority and with as few errors as you can - and be totally honest! Get your resource right, and then you might get results.

About the Author:

It's true that you should learn how write article content, and Pete offers a free course on www.articleczar.com/gift.html plus an introduction to his package that provides in-depth knowledge of article writing and marketing, and the SEO techniques needed for your online success.

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