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If you don't have a Clear Vision, it's hard to do marketing.

If you don't have a Clear Vision, it's hard to do marketing. My Vision for my Ideal business and life wasn't always clear. Maybe you've been in that situation, too. I had so many things going on, and so many ideas (I'm an Idea person and Visionary) that it was hard to know what to focus on first. Or which idea would be the most successful and bring money into my business.

Over the past three months, it's become very clear. And one of the things I noticed immediately was -- now that I have a Clear Vision, it's easy as pie to do my marketing. Really! It wasn't always easy to tell people what I do, or create my 30-second introduction, or even to know what was the best Niche for me. I didn't always feel comfortable talking to decision-makers about my business or why it was best to choose me for their consulting or mentoring. And I kept putting off promotional e-mails because they weren't easy to write. (It was more like pulling teeth!) I got it done, though it wasn't fun, and the words didn't seem to flow onto the page.

Now it's almost as easy as saying my name or writing a letter to a good friend.

What are the things that helped me get a Clear Vision? I'll tell you now, and you can do the same thing with your own Vision for your Ideal business and life.

1. The Hand Analysis by Beth Davis (www.handanalyst.com). This is not fortune-telling or anything like it! Hand Analysis is an ancient art from India that Beth has studied extensively. It's the science of handprints and finger prints that she uses to tell you your Life Purpose. What I found in working with Beth is that a lot of what she said confirmed things that I thought in the back of my mind and had never acted on. Now I am. Two of the most valuable things she told me in analyzing my hand prints are that my hands show that I'm an inspiring communicator, and meant to be speaking to large groups of people. And that I'm all about success and results. If you know me, you know how true that is! Everything I do for my clients and myself is success and results-oriented. Now I'm taking steps to do more speaking and to set up live events where you can come to clarify your Vision, and know your Top 3 Focus Areas, Priorities and Next Action Steps. Watch my website for more information.

2. Being here in Colorado over the last year or more, when my mother's health has not always been good. It has really focused me and made me realize that life and relationships with people are fragile, to be appreciated and not taken for granted. Ever. Here's my advice to you: DO NOT wait until you realize this for yourself! It may take years. Learn from me and my experience. Get focused - BIG time! NOW!

Your Next Action Steps:

3. Take an hour and start writing your Vision story. Write it like a story, and as you write, picture yourself as if you're in a movie living your Ideal life and running your Ideal business. Be sure to write it in the present tense - "I am . . ." "I wake up every morning and hear the birds . . ." "I earn $XXXXXXX each month and $XXXXXXXXXXX each year."

4. Do one thing each day to live your Ideal business and life. For example, take 10 minutes each day and figure out something you can do that day that's directly related to your vision and dream. It may be contacting people, or writing that letter to update people about what you're doing now, or research on the Internet. The 10 minutes a day keeps your dream alive, and the success you see inspires you to keep going. So does the progress you make.

5. Have FUN with this!

About the Author:

Jan Wallen works with companies that want significant sales results. Jan is action- and results-oriented. Once you start working together, she is 100% committed to significant sales results for you. To learn more, call (646) 485-4059 or go to www.janwallen.com

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