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Jobs in the Recruitment Industry

Jobs in the Recruitment Industry Within every company and organization, it is essential to retain a recruiter to take on many of the duties and responsibilities that come with recruiting employees or individuals for other positions. This has lead to a rise in the recruitment industry, and made this exciting career a fast growing opportunity. However, many are still wondering, what exactly is involved within the recruitment industry?

Recruitment jobs refer to the process of screening, sourcing, or selecting individuals for a job at any given organization or firm. It also involves filling vacant positions within volunteer based organizations or community groups. Within some companies, there are generalist managers or administrators who can conduct some of the main components in the recruitment process. However, medium and large sized companies will often hire a professional recruiter or even outsource the responsibilities to recruitment agencies. This is called external recruitment, which is the process of selecting or attracting employees from outside of the company.

There are four main types of agencies within the recruitment agencies: in-house recruitment, employment agencies, recruitment websites and job search engines, and "headhunters" for professional and executive recruitment. All of the stages involved in the recruitment process include sourcing the qualified candidates through advertising and other methods, as well as screening and selecting potential candidates using tests and interviews.

A recruitment agency, or employment agency, is traditionally located at a physical location. An interested candidate would visit a local branch to proceed with an interview or assessment before being added to the agency's books. Recruitment consultants will then use certain criteria and guidelines, as well as experience, to match candidates from a general pool to the open position's of their clients. Qualified candidates are then put forward to begin the interview process with the potential employer. Remuneration to the agency in exchange for the recruitment services are usually paid with contingency fees or advance payments.

In-house recruitment is typically found within large companies who choose to undertake their own recruitment through their human resources department. The in-house recruiters will typically advertise job vacancies on their own websites, as well as focusing on college graduate recruitment. Usually, an employee referral program is coordinated to assist with the in-house recruitment process.

A more modern trend of recruitment has been found within online job search engines. With the online job search engines, job seekers are allowed to search across multiple websites for available positions. This saves time for the job seeker by allowing them to find many available careers without searching through employer websites one by one. Employers are also finding the online search engines convenient, as it has become an easy way to post open positions, and spread the information to many active job seekers.

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