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Mobi websites: The BIG revolution on small phones.

Mobi websites: The BIG revolution on small phones. The world is on an ever changing spree. The last fifty years have seen more changes in the world of electronics than the last 200 years. Bulky computers gave way for slim sleek desktops.

The un-portability of desktops made people think and invent laptops. The laptops eventually became too heavy and cumbersome to be carried around so they gave way to palm tops and blackberries. Now, the situation is different.

The Internet as we know it will soon be making way for a new revolutionalized version called the mobile internet.

Picture this: An executive needs to make a presentation about the latest market trends. Earlier, he would need to go to his desktop or open his laptop to surf and gather information from the net. These days he just connects to the internet with his Blackberry and accesses the mobile internet. In minutes, he has all the information he requires.

Scenarios like these are becoming more and more common with the advent of phones like Nokia N5 and Blackberry.

Now the arrival of the Mobi internet has further enabled the busy executive to explore the net as per his convenience. What is Mobi internet? Mobi internet is the internet which has been specially designed for mobile phones and wireless devices such as PDA's. Mobi internet offers more than just web browsing. It offers features such as Global Positioning Service (GPS) amongst others.

We all know that mobile internet is the new rage these days amongst the young crowd. However, there are many businesses and websites which are migrating from the regular internet to the mobi versions. What are the advantages of mobi over regular internet for businesses?

There are more mobile users than laptop or desktop users. With mobi, your website can be viewed any time and anywhere.

Most consumers like browsing on their mobile phones while waiting at the bus stand or at leisure. There is a better chance of getting hits on the mobi net than on the laptop/desktop as these are used purely for work and business purposes

A 'dot mobi' name tells your customer that the site is mobile friendly

If you buy the mobi version of your company's website now, you will not need to worry once the mobile internet space starts getting crowded. The mobi websites are slowly but surely increasing. The pioneers get the maximum visibility.

In developing countries, mobiles are cheaper than laptops and desktops. A mobi website will ensure the visibility of your business amongst millions of people.

Most people would love using their mobile phones for browsing the net since no one likes to hold a mouse or tap on a keyboard for long. However, there are not many mobile friendly sites available. Go mobi, you will gain more customers.

It's predicted that the cost of mobile internet advertising will go into billions of dollars. Be one of the first to take advantage and get a profit from advertising.

Mobi internet is the new kid on the block which is slowly becoming a rage. Mobi websites are a great indication to the internet buffs that your site is mobile friendly.

So, invest in mobi site and see the difference. Like they say the "early bird gets the worm".

Invest in mobi internet and score over your competitors in the years to come.

About the Author:

Sly Filters (Europe) Ltd already have a mobile version of their website which benefits its current and future customers. Go to slyfilters.com/blog/sly-filters-goes-mobi to see why how they have gained the advantage over their competitors.

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