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Online Video Marketing, How-To Style

Online Video Marketing, How-To Style Smart companies with an online presence already know that providing consumers and clients useful information, whether it directly relates to their products or services or not, is what captures attention. This is the key to internet marketing.

E-newsletters have become more generalized in the scope of their information and often include how-to information. For example consumers can learn how to look for the right lawyer (from a law firm), how to stave off stress (from a productivity consultant), or how to choose a fine wine (from a realtor serving a Baby Boomer clientele with interests in fine wine).

Online video marketing is evolving, too, from efforts to win product placement and mentions in YouTube videos and MySpace fare to consumer-friendly how-to videos on individual business Web sites.

Sites inviting how-to videos include www.LinkedIn.com, www.NetworkingforProfessionals.com, www.ExpertVillage.com, www.VideoJug.com and www.howcast.com. More solo professionals and companies also are posting how-to videos on their own Web sites.

Five Smart Tips to Launch Your How-To Online Video Marketing Reach:

1. Capitalize on your how-to knowledge. If you are a consultant, create a one-minute or five-minute online video featured on your Web site on how to start a business, grow a business, or find a consultant. If you are a maker of home improvement supplies, create an online video on how to fix a problem. The goal is to provide useful information, which creates three advantages: 1.) increasing Web site traffic from consumers who will return for more useful information in the next online videos; 2.) positioning of yourself or your business as an "expert" in the field, and 3.) earning consumer trust.

2. Tap existing sources for how-to ideas.Go to your favorite Internet search engine, and type in "how-to video" plus a word or few words describing your field. Take your cue from what's already been created. Go to www.5min.com for sample how-to videos on how to fix things, build things or solve a problem. This, too, can be a springboard to inspire ideas and formats for your how-to online video.

3. Be direct. Use online video formats to show how to use your product or service, and employ the free and more persuasive use of "real" customers who can say how they benefited and be featured making use of the product or service as you describe the steps.

4. Create new revenue streams. Your how-to online videos can be sponsored, become a selling point to Web site advertisers or become the basis for a co-branding marketing campaign with a product or service complementary to your own.

5. Maximize your online video reach. The number of online social networking sites that allow you to upload video is increasing exponentially. MySpace.com is still the leader, but Facebook.com is growing at a faster rate., and Squidoo.com has evolved into a top expertise-sharing site. LinkedIn.com is the most direct way to reach professionals with services and products. NetworkingforProfessionals.com is another way to share videos with professionals who might become your future clients.

About the Author:

Ruth Klein is an award-winning business owner, best-selling author and marketing and time management consultant whose clients range from solo entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500. Sign up to receive Ruth's 7 Part Mini-Course on Branding and Productivity. tinyurl.com/25tqo5

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