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Author Name: Jeffrey Solochek Contact Email Address: [email protected] WebSite: nosugarcoating.info/ Category: Psychology, Motivational, Religion, Society, Business Description: Do you want to live and work in China? What about India?. Keywords: US, USA, Iraq, China, India, United States, Working From Home, disability, employment, career, economy, ACDDirect Word Count: 803

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Do you want to live and work in China? What about India? This may be our only answer to finding work. A lot of US companies are now choosing to outsource their labor to countries like China and India because they get somebody who will work for a lot less and they don't have to give that person anything like benefits. There should be a penalty for a company that decides to forfeit US jobs to get cheaper help but our government has not done this. Try calling up tech support for some product that you own, chances are you will be talking to one of these outsourced laborers. I call it English without any accent.

I am in my forties and I have applied at almost every possible company withing a hundred miles. I have a college degree, I am great with people from all walks of life plus I have done so much to gain other skills that a company might need. I am told that countries like Iraq will pay anywhere from $100,000 and up for somebody with my skills. This money would be tax free and while working the job my cost of living would be paid for. I could go over there for like maybe 5 years and at the end I would get several hundred thousand paid to me as a bonus and it would be tax free.

If the United States doesn't drastically improve in the near future then we will be forced to look at all other possibilities. We could always attempt some small business. What if I don't have the money for this much less the money to feed the people who depend on my like my wife and kids? Nowadays there are so many companies that only want to pay some ridiculously low commission and not give any sort of base pay that you might as well be in business for yourself rather than work for a company that only gives you a small percentage of the profit yet wants you to bear all these ridiculous expenses.

A couple of years ago I was able to find part time work working from home calling up new customers of newspapers. They paid me an hourly wage plus gave me a check every two weeks like clockwork. The only problem I had with this company was that I was not allowed to communicate with any of the other people who were doing the same work. I had to figure out by trial and error what the best hours were to work and to do a great job.. This company probably had a lot of time wasters working for them because they paid an hourly wage for someone to make calls yet they never implemented anything to monitor these peoples activities.

Now I have found another similar company but they only pay per minute that the person talks to a customer. The Saturday after Thanksgiving I was so busy that I had over 300 minutes of actual talk time. Plus I am able to communicate with the other agents and I can now find out what works and what doesn't. The previous company paid me just under $10 per hour but with this company I am probably actually averaging close to $15 an hour. Put this with the monthly disability check I get each month and I am actually able to live and pay my monthly expenses.

Another drawback with the other company was that I was basically working completely alone all the time. With this new company I am able to interact freely with the other agents that are doing the same work. Another great aspect is if I ever need to get a hold of my supervisor I always hear back from them in a few hours.

I have given a lot of thought to the possibility of relocating to a country like India or China. The cost of living would be a lot less and unfortunately the wages you would get would also be a lot less. I am told that my disability payments would follow me where ever I go though. I can barely survive in this country with the disability payment I receive but in another country I could live like a king.

Yes, outsourcing is a serious problem. We are now seeing an economy that is behind the way it was during the great depression. What Ayn Rand wrote in the book "Atlas Shrugged" is not far from happening. The only hope I see for our entire world would be a society like that found in Star Trek. If anybody like myself is in need of work to help pay for our way in life then I urge them to check out ACDDirect dot com.
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Jeffrey A. Solochek writes a broad range of articles on his niches of life, business, and marketing. All his writings contains<a href="http://www.nosugarcoating.info/facts" target="_blank">No BS, No Fluff</a>


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