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Our Portable Empire: Thank You Pat O'Bryan

Our Portable Empire: Thank You Pat O'Bryan I just got a laptop computer a few weeks ago: my love machine!

The moment I purchased it, I felt free-er, my work more portable, like I can take it (my work) anywhere at all: my yard or everywhere in my house or to a coffee shop, accessing every corner of the world, directly under my finger tips!

I set up writing stations throughout my house and on these long winter nights, I write articles and electronic books.

Pat O'Bryan is a mentor to many of us, first at the Portable Empire University, then at Portable Empire Island at Second Life, at the Un-Seminar presentations, and now, at the Milagro interactive forum.

All of it is fun! And it's been a great learning experience as well as a free flow odyssey of inspired ideas, thoughts and possibilities that, when turned into products, will make you money. First, do what you love and everything else will follow.

I have a picture of my avatar, Mooie Infinity, sitting next to Pat's avatar, Koan Ibanez, surrounded by a huge rainbow Moo used to carry with her as a halo effect. We (they?) are sitting with many others way up in the sky at Portable Empire Island.The short-lived Second Life experience where we all gathered nightly soon after "Your Portable Empire" by Pat O'Bryan was published was a great party and we all got to know one another in a way that's difficult to duplicate in Real Life.

My friend Moon Vine, whom I met on Second Life then again at the "U" are now together in a weekly Master Mind group which meets weekly on the telephone. We discuss our projects as we support each other in our individual endeavors.

Oceana, KK and Ostara are dear friends originally from SL with tremendous creative and spiritual vision!

Magic Becky, loved by all, has recently joined the weekly Master Mind group and she is searching to define her niche.

In fact, one of the ongoing discussions, first at the "U", then SL and now at the new forum is: What is my niche?

Pat O'Bryan encourages each of us to see our experiences, talents and gifts as a niche in and of itself.

Certainly Pat's niche is Pat himself.

What does this mean?

In Pat's case, he is outspoken, spiritual, practical and visionary in that he's always one step ahead in the Internet Marketing world.

Pat taught all of us about social networking which is how we branched out and met so many people all over the world through Face Book, Twitter and Squidoo among many others.

Pat teaches us how to clear our vision so we are not burdened down by limiting and false belief.

He encourages open discussion and has an eye on how he can advance to the next level, taking all of his pals with him.

One of Pat's best friend and mentor is Joe Vitale. Every so often, Pat will tell us what Joe says about business, spirituality, Ho'oponopono (the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice), and shares stories of the cigar smoking, blues playing inspired ideas that spring out of the Master Mind he has with Joe and several other free thinking individualists.

And then there's the hope that we all can accomplish in our own way, what Pat accomplishes by building his Portable Empire, especially since he was broke and nearly homeless when he started on this journey.

I'm sure there's a little bit of this sort of desperation in all of our stories.

For instance, I was once broke, and hung out with the homeless winos in Duboce Park, San Francisco.

I listened to their stories and laughter from my apartment window--an apartment in the Fillmore West, a hard earned place to live after three months of having no place to live at all, except for the vehicle I traveled in.

We had no electricity, using only light from fires in the hearth, wood gathered from daily jaunts to Golden Gate Park.

And food? I was never as skinny in my life!

Yes, we all have our stories.

And I know these experiences give us a fearlessness, an inner mirth in the face of great challenges.

Other ongoing discussions include how to build a list, how to build Squidoo lenses, where to hire people to do the techy tasks, how to balance discipline with self-care and rest.

The life of the entrepreneur is as much mindset as it is a labor of love. It becomes what you'd rather do than anything else.

And paradoxically, the hard work feels just like play and pure fun!

Compare this attitude with the people who exchange time for money. They punch time clocks and work for people who uphold principles and values not necessarily in synche with your own.

People in these arenas are waiting--waiting for the end of shift, waiting for the future moment instead of learning to enjoy the beautiful moment at hand.

People say to me every night I work: "I can't wait until I can go home."

I always say, "Why? It is what it is."

The mind set of time clock reality vs entrepreneurial mindset is 180 degrees removed.

One is slavery.

The other is freedom.

So thank you, Pat O'Bryan, for showing us a better way.

By following your lead, we cannot fail!

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