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Product Launch Tips - Tools of a successful launch

Product Launch Tips - Tools of a successful launch Special Reports and E-books are some of the great tools used to launch products into orbit.

Another popular product launch tool is the use of a blog. Many marketing gurus, use blogs to drive traffic to their websites ... which leads to an increase in their merchant account sales.

Blogs and ebooks stimulate interest in your product.

The benefits of a BLOG.

Blogs create an "on-line" open communication between the marketer and the customer. They engage people in conversation-a novel idea.

They give POWER to the people: * Power to ask questions. * Power to give their opinion. * Power to praise your product. * Power to suggest new products. * AND ... the power to drive visitors to your website.

Visitors who convert to customers.

They are part of your "social proof" community; valuable assets to a successful launch of your product.

The Blog's function is invaluable in launching a new product. When used in conjunction with other advertising vehicles; ebooks, radio, newspaper, public appearances, etc it creates a frenzy about your upcoming product launch.

The BEST use of your BLOG is to SHOWCASE your product. You, as the marketer/creator of your product, can provide "behind- the-scenes" facts that make your readers eager to BUY.

Those special tidbits of history behind your product that only a few, select, people know. You place them in a special "social proof" club that rewards them with secret knowledge. That special club that loves to "share the news."

The benefits of an e-book

Any size will do. As long as it pertains to your "social proof" community, it works.

They are being used more and more in launch sequences strategies. But don't stop at the product launch. They can be used throughout the launch process.

E-books are great promoters when used correctly and in the correct sequence. Use them as "gifts" for joining your list, e.g. rewards for referrals, thank-you gifts for purchasing.

Be warned --- don't use e-books full of affiliate links. A few is ok ... make your e-book appealing to your customers to showcase YOUR product. Make it valuable. Educate them. You want to hear, "I didn't know that!"

Other tools you can use are teleseminars, public speaking, direct mail and video presentations.

To take advantage of new media possibilites consider making a video and uploading it to a video sharing site. Most video sharing sites have the option of comments.

Initiating and maintaining a rapport with your customers will help your product launch meet its target.

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