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Real Estate Agents Do Something Before Its Too Late!

Real Estate Agents Do Something Before Its Too Late! The advent of the global slowdown and credit squeeze is bringing on the pains in the real estate industry. It's now time for some thinking out of the box and for determined real estate agents to be more creative in the way they run their business

I work with hundreds of real estate agents from about 40 countries worldwide and if there is one thing for sure the slow down is taking out established real estate agents companies. The good news is that many are surviving and some or even doing more business than ever. So what is the difference between one real estate businesses crashing to one that survives? This answer to me is the difference between being flexible in an approach to selling and at the same time having good business housekeeping

Lets deal with business house keeping, its a fact that for most agents regular income is reducing, this means nothing can remain the same so its time to act. It is clear that no matter the type of business you run you are you will need to reduce overheads this statement sounds simple enough but some real estate agents cannot do this owing to long term commitments. These are things like the rent for a building or office, imagine being tied in to a 24 months contract and you will see where I am coming from. Staffing costs are the major part off most businesses expenditure and this is the same for real estate agents. The hard fact is you will need to examine plans to reduce staffing costs.

The thinking out of the box I mentioned now revolves around bringing new business and developing multiple streams of income. Real estate agents need to widen their audience and attract potential buyers from out of town. I knew of one real estate agent who sold luxury homes. He found buyers in Europe and beyond by promoting his high end real estate online. I am in contact with a Florida agent who now sells Florida properties via on online auction. I have other agents who have dumped the usual inventory to find more attractive property, deals with low finance options our other attractive incentives. Some agents deal purely in bank owned property or homes that will attract people in a credit crunch

No matter which country you run your business selling to international buyers is a prospect that you should consider. Selling property to overseas property buyers is not as straightforward as selling to local property buyers. Overseas buyers are in a state of disorientation and may feel vulnerable to malpractice. This results in overseas buyers being seemingly over cautious and on some occasions suspicious of the property agent. The real estate agent's job is to reassure and inform and never over sell. I have seen numerous examples of American real estate agents selling to British buyers who simply turn the buyer off with their style. Generally the British for example do not want to hear over exaggerated sales talk or feel pressure. It may work initially and real estate agents can end up taking a deposit. What you will find later is a withdrawal from sale later along the way.

Overseas buyers warm to real estate agents that do not create additional pressure. Buyers are already under a lot of pressure real estate agents should not be adding to this. Many are apprehensive of being ripped off. They want to know that you are legitimate and for you to prove it. The golden rule is to inform inform and inform again. Information will help sell your properties to overseas buyers. Never over sell or create a climate of pressure, after all the buyer is already under stress. Be ready with information know about visa applications , importation costs, taxation, mortgage process, building insurance, local taxes, local crime trends, schools, leisure facilities and the buying process in your country are to name but a few.

In summary it seems that selling to overseas buyers is one element on the road to surviving a global slow down in the real estate industry

About the Author:

Author Nicholas Marr has a passion for international real estate he promotes a network of overseas property websites that include www.homesgofast.com and www.maexpa-international.co.uk

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