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Searching for a Graduate Job

Searching for a Graduate Job Finding a graduate job is difficult in itself; however, now with the downslide in our economy the search has become even more difficult. The usual recommendations when searching for a job do not seem to have the same effect as they used to in the past. Posting your resume or CV on job search engines produces little to no effect. The only jobs that appear to be out there are for secretarial positions. And while these positions pay very well, the idea of settling for something that does not need a graduate degree seems like a waste of the time and effort that was put into the degree. However, the search does not appear to be entirely helpless. There are many opportunities out there for graduates. It is only a matter of looking in the right places and having the know-how to snag the job you want.

The first step to finding a graduate job is blowing away the competition. How to do this? While the resume or CV may outline your achievements and career experiences, the cover letter is your time to shine. As all graduates know, finding a job no longer means going to a business of interest and applying in person. The only way to even be considered for a job anymore is through an online process. Either online applications or submitting your resume through email is the main way of applying for jobs. This eliminates your opportunity to outshine your competition with your stellar personality. However, even without any face-to-face opportunity, there is still the chance to show your personality. This is the job of the cover letter. The cover letter is the graduate's chance to show a little personality. Of course, there are rules to the cover letter that should be followed. The cover letter is your chance to outshine your competition with your career achievements and successes with an added personal twist. This is not the chance to discuss anything personal. No mention of your personal life should be mentioned in the cover letter. Think of the cover letter as a sales pitch, not as a personal statement of your life. When done correctly, the cover letter could give the graduate a boost above other applicants who do not submit a cover letter.

Instead of posting your resume or CV on a job search engine and leaving it to the whims of the business to check out your resume, be proactive about your search. If you know the company in which you want to work, look at their website or call the hiring manager to see what is open. Learn as much as you can about the company and market yourself to what they want in their ideal candidate. If you happen to not know what company you want to work for and you are just searching for a position that fits your field of study, there are other avenues out there at your disposal. A job recruiter is such an avenue. This person will take all the dirty work and do it for you. All you have to do is decide what job you want to take and continue to make yourself marketable. However, like most things when it comes to job searching, this avenue also takes research. It is your responsibility to research what kind of job recruiter will fit your needs and how to best utilize this tool. Being proactive in your job search is key. Taking an active approach in your job search will only produce results faster.

In the end, finding a graduate job becomes a full-time job in itself. However, there are tools and methods out there that will give you an edge above the others. Along with this edge, an optimistic attitude is always a great thing to possess. With both of these, a job will come your way and you will find yourself in the job you were meant for and happy with all your hard work acheived.

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