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Seniors Starting A Home Based Business From Scratch

Seniors Starting A Home Based Business From Scratch "Four Deadly Mistakes To Avoid Before You Start Your Own Business" Now, more than ever seniors are looking for a legitimate home business opportunity. On the internet there seems to literally be a business opportunity everywhere you turn. What 99% of people don't realize is that, YES, there is a ton of money to be made online IF you know where to look. I want to share with you a few secrets and tips to avoid before you start your own business.

Naturally, when it comes to a home based business there are common mistakes that people make and common misconceptions that people have when getting involved with internet marketing.

Mistake #1

Don't rush into it. Do your own research. You might have heard a speaker or a friend mention how great an opportunity is, and how he or she raked in great money. Sometimes we get carried away in the success stories of others that we forget to get the details of how the success was achieved. You get details simply by asking questions. For example. How much work is needed? What methods were used? Was it done online or offline? How many partners did he or she have? What is there background? Is any coaching offered? Is skill or experience needed? How can your experiences be applied in a situation to help you be successful as well? Now, normally, these are great questions to ask, because some people have more business experience than others, or some have developed some special skills that have helped them succeed. But the internet will ask none of these questions. The internet only cares what you do.

Mistake #2

Don't be taken by the "easy money myth". There is no such thing as easy money in most cases. I personally believe that something that is not worked for is not worth having, and would most likely not last. People who are looking for a home based business opportunity in the belief that it could be a way to make easy money are definitely going to be disappointed. Once they realize the real work they have to put into it, they quit before they discover that there really is a massive amount of money to be made online. But there is no such thing as a web site that will do everything for you and all you need to do is sit back, pay a monthly fee, and collect the money. However, if you take the time and are willing to learn how it's done, it can be done and in a much shorter time period than you though possible. We're only talking months and not the years it could take doing it any other way.


Don't have an employee mindset. Be an entrepreneur. Once you've found the home based business opportunity that you like, you have to treat it like a real business. Just because it is based at home doesn't mean it is any less of a business. About 46% of all small businesses out there today are home based. Many people who get into home based businesses forget this aspect of it. Most of us know that when running a business it takes work and time. Since you are your own boss in a home based business it is a must that you set rules, hours, guidelines, schedules. Plan the time you will spend on your business. The benefit with a home based business opportunity is you set your time. But you have to be willing to put in some hours each day, if you want to have a successful business. Don't make the mistake of thinking like an employee, you are now the business owner, the boss. You must adopt the attitude that "if it is to be it's up to me". If you do this, it will be.

Mistake #4

Don't quit. A majority of people who look for a home based business opportunity are perhaps looking for a get rich quick scheme. A Legitimate home based business opportunity doesn't provide any get rich quick ploys or methods. As I mentioned earlier, they are to be treated like an actual business. Those who view a home based opportunity as a get rich quick thing usually end up quitting it in a few weeks because there expectations were surrounded by instant gratification. These people never last, after a few weeks even a few days in the business and no money is made, they get discouraged and throw in the towel. Quitting so quickly could mean losing out big time.

Remember what we talked about earlier about the right mindset., You must be willing to work through this phase of your business plan. A home based business opportunity provides an avenue for the working man or woman to spend more time at home with family and friends while generating great income. You are living in a period where opportunities are ever increasing. You are in an internet gold rush. It's only a matter of time before others discover that there is major cash to be made online.

If you are facing a layoff at work or getting close to retirement and have not saved enough to maintain your standard of living, a small home based business could be the answer you need to help fund that retirement or lessen the blow of a layoff. If a small business is your solution, do your research and do it right the first time. You must know something about marketing. There is no way around it. Without marketing, there are no sales, without sales there is no business

I am a senior citizen learning this thing called internet marketing. Being a senior I did not want to spend a ton of time and money doing so. I looked for a process to learn the right way to market on the internet the first time without the need to go through all that trial and error usually associated with starting a business.

Thank You Gerald Lewis

About the Author:

My name is Gerald and my goal in writing these articles is to show the over 50 population that there are options out there that can lessen the impact of these economic times we find ourselves in. An internet based business can be started on a small budget and be successful in a matter of months and not the years normally associated with starting a business. Here is my solution: renegaderunwayblog.com

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