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SEO Made Easy: A Safe And Highly Effective Approach To Website Optimization

SEO Made Easy: A Safe And Highly Effective Approach To Website Optimization There's an incredible amount of literature written about Search Engine Optimization techniques on and off the Web. Internet marketers are constantly looking for the best and latest strategies to win over the giants of the online search industry. It can be extremely overwhelming and there are many conflicting views on website optimization. There's got to be a more simple and effective way to go about SEO without the fear of being penalized, right? Yes there is, and it's easier than you think.

The first thing you really need to know is that SEO is not an exact science and it never will be. Why? Because Internet search companies are quietly and constantly modifying their criteria for how they rank websites in their search result pages. A keyword you rank high for today may suddenly drop tomorrow. The mathematical algorithm used by a search engine to calculate a site's position in the search results for a specific keyword phrase, needs to continually evolve for improved accuracy and to combat deceptive SEO practices.

Internet marketers often forget that search companies such as Google share an important primary goal: To give users the best results for their search inquiries. They are not there to make you money. They take their services very seriously, so any attempt to fool them can result in a dramatic decrease in Internet traffic as your site's ranking plummets. Not good news for any Internet marketer.

As newer SEO methods become available it might not be a great idea to rush into it. What may seem to work at that time may backfire on you as the search industry begins to see those methods as a form of manipulation. Some of the best strategies used today can easily lose their effectiveness in the near future.

What is the most effective and safest Search Engine Optimization technique that will always withstand the test of time? The answer, is to build your website for your visitors and not for the search companies. Concentrate on creating content that your visitors are looking for and don't worry too much about SEO.

Take a look at what Google says in their own words in their webmaster guidelines section:

"Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines".

What Google's basically saying is to create a site for your visitors and ignore the search engines. Google is practically revealing the secret of what the best SEO strategy really is. When you increase the relevant content of your website for your visitors, the engines will inevitably pick up on this and reward you for it with better rankings. You'll also discover that by concentrating on developing content with your visitors in mind, keywords will naturally flow throughout the pages of your site and that's just how it should be.

All this doesn't mean throwing out everything you've learned about website optimization. The fundamentals of SEO are still important factors to consider when creating your website. Basics such as the importance of keywords in your title or making your site easier to navigate by the search spiders should never be ignored.

Catering to your visitors should be your main concern when building your website. The more relevant content you have the better off you are. The search engines need to give their searchers the best information possible. When your site offers that information, it will always be rewarded and never penalized. This is by far the easiest, safest and most effective Search Engine Optimization strategy available today.

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