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Surefire Ways To Boost Your Credit Scores

Surefire Ways To Boost Your Credit Scores Even though the method that each credit reporting agency uses to calculate your credit score is different, the way you approach cleaning up your reports will be somewhat the same. It's the sense of urgency you proceed with that will determine just how fast you can raise each of your credit scores.

Once you receive your credit reports from each of the three major agency and know the areas of each that are affecting your credit score the most you can create the plan of attack you are going to use to clean these areas up and get the best results possible in the least amount of time.

Using this particular method of repairing your credit reports and improving all three of your credit scores will make the next steps that you must take that much easier to accomplish.

Once you have cleaned up your report and raised your scores the first step you must take is to secure a small loan with a local bank. Most times you will be able to do this with just your signature. You will then begin making the payments on that loan. Each payment will be made on time at the very worst. Your goal is to make the payments early. This will begin to create a positive payment history. It is that history that will eventually give future lenders the confidence to trust that you can make payments and will make the paymenst as outlined.

Not only will this allow you to get better interest rates, but will also allow you to secure better rates on your insurance. The lower interest and insurance rates will result in lower payments which in turn ensures you can manage them and not miss any payments, thereby improving your credit score even more. Remember, you want to make the payments on time at the worst.

Repairing your credit score isn't quite as difficult as most people think it is. Making sure the correct steps and ensure that you don't have any hiccups along the way where you miss payments or make your payments late.

While you should start your credit rebuilding plan with this method, the momentum created with this method is going to improve your score quickly. You also need to remember that there are several other areas on your credit reports that will affect your score and they all need to be addressed at some stage if you are to achieve the highest score possible.

About the Author:

Ron Barrett is the author of 15 Proven Credit Strategies; How to Get the Credit That You Deserve, a detailed guide on how to monitor, repair and maintain your personal credit report and scores. You can find it at www.provencreditstrategies.com . Ron provides methods he personally used to clean up his credit reports and raise his scores from the low 500's to upper 600's and explains how you can easily do that too.

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