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Time Management Skills: Decision Making and Procrastination

Time Management Skills: Decision Making and Procrastination When we started Fathom Corporate Training, we searched high and low for a name befitting our firm. So many ideas can surface when undertaking these types of endeavors. Sometimes though, we have a hard time simply deciding what to order on the restaurant menu. Trying to make the right decision can become an obsession. We turn in circles trying to make perfect decisions, but we really don't have all the information to do that. Recently I had a revelation. I woke up with a clear understanding and realization of how much time I have wasted in my life trying to make that "right" decision. While my life has gone pretty smoothly, I have indeed sacrificed. I have sacrificed precious time trying to make these types of perfect decisions. Time is something we can't get back. I now remind myself every day that "right" does not exist. There will always be a "left" staring you in the face so that you inevitably will ask yourself, "I wander if I should go that way?" When the fear of the unknown and indecisiveness comes up because of a new fork in the road we must realize a couple things:

1. We don't know the future. 2. There is no right way.

There are many different roads to getting there and because there is no way to know what roadblocks may be ahead, it may be time to simply choose. Ultimately, you'll get where you're going and feel more productive and efficient. Or, you may discover a new way of getting things done that you could have never planned for. Go ahead, step into the unknown. And remember, we are all whistling in the same darkness!

What about procrastination? Do you procrastinate? We all do to some degree. If getting a project started in the perfect way or at the "right" time is holding you back, your procrastinating. One key to stopping your procrastination is to first know when your doing it. We all do something different when we procrastinate. I find myself running lots of errands. Sure, your getting lots done, but what? Most of us are very efficient, but not effective. What's the difference? Efficient use of your time means getting the most done in the shortest amount of time. Effective use of your time means getting the right things done. Things that will lead you to accomplishing your most important life goals. It's seems easier to go to the store or watch TV than to start on something that feels threatening, such as an important project. So simply get started. And if you are afraid that the project is too large and feels overwhelming, just remember the Spartans. When facing the ruthless Persian army and outnumbered by thousands, the 300 brave Spartan soldiers felt completely overwhelmed. But, the Greek leader of the Spartan army broke down the massive task at hand by asking his men a simple question. "Can each of you slay 3-4 more Persians today than you did yesterday?" They agreed that they could. And they did, one at a time!

About the Author:

With more than 20 years experience in corporate turnaround environments, John Males brings expertise to clients in the areas of management, sales and negotiations. His customers include some of the world's most successful firms and recognized brands. John can be reached at [email protected] or www.fathomtraining.com

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