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Top Secret to Receiving More of What You Want in Business

Top Secret to Receiving More of What You Want in Business On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how satisfied and happy are you with your personal and professional life?

Is it easy for you to achieve your dreams and goals consistently?

I hope your answer is an enthusiastic YES! And if it is, I congratulate you and encourage you to keep it up! For many people, however, their results are mixed. Sometimes they get what they want, but often they don't! It's very painful to feel stuck, to feel like you aren't moving forward and achieving your big goals and dreams.

Here's a simple tip that will make a huge impact on your results FAST! If you want blockbuster results, then you will want to know how to use this often forgotten action step, which I simply call, "Ask for What You Want."

Absolutely every goal and every dream that you have begins with a thought, which is, "I want: fill in the blank."

Rather an obvious point, but stay with me. By powerfully deciding your goal, you are asking for what you want, which is a brilliant starting point to achieving your goal.

Here's where many of my clients get stuck. They forget the magic of asking for what they want!

Here's an example of "asking for what you want" in action:

At the conclusion of a recent Marketing Style Magic! (TM) workshop, Baumen, the head waiter for the event (who, by the way, did an extraordinary job!), presented me with the bill. The itemized bill included the tally for food, beverages, and the customary 20% gratuity required for large groups. Baumen was a smart business man - he took the extra step - he knew this success strategy - and he asked for what he wanted.

Baumen included a handwritten "extra tip" with an arrow directly pointing out where to add it on the bill.

Baumen implemented "Ask for What You Want" brilliantly. He gave me a call to action. Because Bauman did this precisely when I reviewed the bill, I reflected quietly about my successful event, and the excellent service that Baumen provided. I was moved to show my appreciation. I gave him the extra tip. Had he not asked, I might not have given it, considering that a generous tip was already included.

Bottom Line of this story?

Ask for what you want consistently. Remember the phrase, "life will give you what you ask of it"? My question to you is, what are you asking for? My challenge for you is to ask for what you want. This could mean lots more money in your bank account, clients who renew their contracts with you, or perhaps a dream date? It's all up to you. What will you ask for?

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