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Using Private Label Rights for Your Site Content

Using Private Label Rights for Your Site Content If you've ever had a site that takes a lot of content, you know that keeping up with it can be a pain. Blogs and membership sites in particular will eat a lot of it. Plus, it has to stay relevant and be updated from time to time to keep your visitors returning for more.

There are ways to get that content, of course. Free reprint articles are easy to get, but you can't use them for your entire site. If you're good at writing, you can create content for yourself, but that could take more time than you have. Freelancers can save you time by ghost writing articles for you, but that can get expensive. Fortunately, there's another option you might not have considered before, and that's private label rights.

Private label rights, also called PLR, are packages of content that you can get and then edit, alter, and tweak into any final form you want. Depending on the license, that could be ebooks, reports, or other things.

As far as using PLR for your site goes, here are a few things you can do:

- Turn them into free eCourses delivered by an autoresponder to entice sign-ups, or use them to make a free PDF report to do the same thing.

- Use them as blog posts. In the case of a PLR report or article pack, you can get a blog series out of them. Just remember to make them more people-friendly before you post them, because people tend to visit blogs for a more personal touch.

- Use them for articles. The only restriction on this is that a lot of PLR licenses won't let you use them as free reprint articles. If you did, you'd take the value out of the PLR package, which shafts the seller and anyone who buys it.

- Put the content on a membership site. Yes, you'll want to keep as much as you can unique to your site, be it content, offerings, bonuses, or access to you. But something created from a private label rights package can help round out your offerings in a pinch.

One word of advice, though. While something may say it's PLR, licenses between different packages vary. Make sure you know what the license for a package allows, and that you can use it for what you have in mind, before you get it.

There are all sorts of ways you can use PLR for your site content. So consider it as another solution to your content troubles if you find that keeping up with your site is getting hard.

About the Author:

Ryan Ambrose is the owner of Only 100 PLR limited distribution private label rights packages. Like the name says, only 100 of each package will ever be sold. Visit www.only100plr.com today!

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