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Using a Temp Employment Agency

Using a Temp Employment Agency Every person has varying employment needs. For example, you may decide to make a full-time career change to a different type of job.

Or you may wish to only work temporarily to earn extra money for the Christmas season. Perhaps you feel bored doing the same thing every day and have many marketable skills.

If your goal is short-term employment for any reason, a temporary employment agency provides the perfect opportunity you need to earn money while not being tied to the same job.

A temporary employment agency's specialty is assisting employers in finding skilled personnel for a non-permanent job.

There are many reasons why a job position may be temporary, such as an unforeseen staff shortage when an employee becomes ill, personnel's maternity or paternity leave, a staff member's "call up" to temporary military duty, personnel's emergency family circumstances, and staff members who take a leave of absence to acquire additional job skills.

In any of these circumstances, a temporary employment agency will look to its "temp" files of skilled workers who can fill in for absent employees.

Most job positions found via a temporary employment agency are administrative in nature. For example, consider office management work such as document processing and filing: without a qualified administration employee who knows how to write and file legal documents, any firm of attorneys will grind to a halt within a week!

Medical coders and transcribers of physicians' notes is another extremely valuable service for hospitals and clinics. Several times a year, private businesses must conduct time-consuming inventory procedures.

The more varied experience a "temp" has, the more valuable he/she becomes in successfully using a temporary employment agency and becoming one of its strongest assets.

When you register with a temporary employment agency, you'll need to provide it with all certifications of your skills, including college, university or technical school training, certifications establishing your competency in your specialty, such as medical coding or Office 2007 applications, and performance reports from the temporary jobs you've performed.

Since temporary jobs can become available at any time, you'll also need to talk with the agency about your availability in a workplace crisis situation. Make sure the agency documents the types of jobs in which you are not interested, and for how long you will be available to work.

Many temporary employees find that they have a great liking for their workplace, and some employers are so pleased with the "temp" that he/she may be offered a permanent position. Both types of employment have strengths and shortcomings, and as always, individuals must decide what best suits their needs.

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CONNEX Recruitment Ltd is an Auckland Employment Agency specializing in full service, white collar recruitment over a broad range of industry sectors. Our aim is to make the process and experience of recruiting staff simple and painless for everyone involved. Check us out: www.ConnexRecruitment.co.nz/

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