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Video Analytics Solutions for Government

Video Analytics Solutions for Government Security is an issue for all levels of government. From the smallest town to national governments and even international institutions, terrorism, crime and other issues must all be addressed. Video analytics is a powerful tool which can help all levels of government in doing their job of protecting citizens.

Anti-Terrorism Solutions

Terrorism remains a major issue for all governments, big and small. Video surveillance is one of the most important aspects in defending the homeland from terrorist attack. Video analytics can greatly improve video surveillance security in many high risk areas, including: airports, seaports, train stations and other transportation centers; water, power and other utility installations, including nuclear installations; hospitals, schools, museums, libraries and other public institutions; cellular satellite, microwave and energy grids.

Video analytics technology is able to differentiate normal and suspicious behavior, automatically notifying necessary personnel. For airports and other transportation centers, for example, things such as unwatched luggage can be identified by the intelligent surveillance system. Unauthorized access to restricted areas can also be immediately picked up.

Quick identification of potential threats is one of the primary concerns of anti-terrorism efforts. Through the use of intelligent surveillance technology, this quick identification is provided. Anti-terrorism efforts can then be made immediately in order to eliminate the threat before it becomes something more.

Solutions for First Responders

First responders of all kinds can benefit from video analytics technology: police forces, fire departments and ambulance services. Through intelligent video technology, once threats or problems are perceived, video feeds can automatically be sent to first responders wherever they may be. This is possible because video analytics systems allow for simple remote access.

With automatic live video feeds provided to first responders, it allows for the quick analysis as to the nature of the situation. This helps in identifying false alarms, a great concern to first responders. By properly analyzing threats before arriving on the scene, it allows first responders to prepare exactly for the situation they will be facing and greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their efforts.

Increasing Public Safety

Not only can video analytics assist with helping first responders in dealing with situations, it can also be used for increasing public safety. When threats are identified promptly, the public can then be properly informed as to the nature of the situation so as to remove themselves from potentially threatened areas. Such notification and information provided to the public at large is also beneficial in helping them stay out of the way and even providing information to first responders when they arrive on the scene.

Improving Public Services

Video analytics can also provide solutions for improving public services. One of the biggest areas where this intelligent software can be of help is with traffic and roads. Video analytics can do long term studies of traffic patterns by monitoring video so as to properly identify peak hours, dwell times, vehicle counts and more. This information can then be passed onto public officials for use in planning new roads, construction activities and more.

With this information at their disposal, governments will be able to make decisions so as to more effectively control traffic congestion and other problems. City officials can be properly located at the required places at the proper times so as to best be able to deal with high traffic situations. Traffic pattern information can even be passed onto first responders and new routes can be found in order to increase ease of transportation as they travel to the scenes of emergency situations.

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Milestone Systems is a global thought leader and developer of open platform IP monitoring software. The XProtect™ platform, now including video analytics, is easy to use, robust and proven in more than 35,000 customer installations around the world. For more information, visit www.milestonesys.com

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