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What's Your Best Chance of Attracting Foreign Born Clients? The Answer Below May Surprise You

What's Your Best Chance of Attracting Foreign Born Clients? The Answer Below May Surprise You As an American business culture, we're so obsessed with how little time we have that we fail to make the most of the time we do have.

We spend almost every moment thinking about what we're going to do in the next moment. When we're with our children, our mind is on our business. When we're in the office with a client, our mind is daydreaming about our vacation. When we're supposedly listening to our spouse during a romantic dinner, we're thinking about what witty thing we are going to say next. We're always thinking about the next thing, the next event, the next task, or the next person we have to talk to at a networking event.

Our American business culture is so obsessed with managing time that we've forgotten what's important about time. When we are constantly multi-tasking, we think we're becoming more effective, but in reality we are making things far worse. That's because the person we're with immediately SENSES that our attention is on something other than them. When we don't focus our attention on hearing about a prospect's struggles, or successes, why should they focus on anything we say? When we don't value them, why should they value us?

Only you can stop yourself from obsessing about how little time you have. It is just part of our human nature to ALWAYS have far more to do than we have time available. Focus instead on making every prospect and client moment count. When you are in a room full of over a hundred small business owners, treat every moment together as though no one else in the room is more important - even if that moment is for just the blink of an eye. Sometimes, you won't even need to say a single word, and yet you'll communicate to others how special they are. You'll become far more effective with everything you do in your business.

Now, here is one simple tip that is so profound, that it will immediately connect you at a DEEPER level with your clients. Whenever you are with another person, whether for a second or for several minutes, look into their eyes and focus on remembering everything about their eyes - the color, the shape, the length of their eyelashes. Look at every little red line in the whites of their eyes, see their shape and size. Stay focused on their eyes until you're sure you can recount every detail.

What will happen when you do this? Your prospects, clients, spouse, children or any other individual will sense that your attention is nowhere else. This will make them feel special. They will feel drawn to you, and soak up the undivided attention. You will see that the other person is actually listening to everything you're saying. You will find it getting easier and easier to elicit a desired response from that individual. And, once you experience that, you won't want to go back to looking at another person in the old way again. Each time you encounter another person, you will see their WORTH, and they will see yours. I guarantee that this will attract more paying clients, just the same way it has filled my practice to capacity.

About the Author:

Kim Schott, your Global Client Communication Expert, is the author of the Keys to Client Communication System™, the step-by-step, paint by numbers client attraction program to attract more clients in less time. To receive your weekly how-to articles on consistantly attracting more local and global clients in less time, visit www.SchottCulturalConsulting.com

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