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What Comes Between An Idea And Instantly Selling A $10,000 Program?

What Comes Between An Idea And Instantly Selling A $10,000 Program? Before I tell you, I want you to understand an important truth in the Recommendation Age: not only do your ideal clients NOT know who you are, but they do NOT care who you are!

It sounds quite blunt doesn't it? Sometimes the truth hurts! I am going to take the liberty and mentor you right now to fully understand the reality of what the Information Age has done to you as an entrepreneur.

Let me summarize this reality so that you understand the playing field fully before you attempt to engage your target market again. Your idea clients are jaded, cynical and listen to what you can do for them through the negative perception of what your competitors are NOT doing.

Yet it is almost ironic, but your ideal clients also want a tested, proven, authenticated person to believe in. And here is the good news, you can easily leverage a little understood law operating in the Recommendation Age—Zipf's Law—to become the trusted resource for your ideal clients. Zipf's Law says this: if you build this trust easily, your customers will become clients of yours for life.

So how do you build this kind of trust? (By the way, its trust that comes between an idea and instantly selling a $10,000 Program. But it is not any kind of trust—it must be trust build inside of Zipf's Law.)

But first let me show you what savvy marketers do today to try and manipulate trust with you. They launch a free CD/DVD and hype it hugely to get you to buy it by only paying for shipping and handling. Then they follow up with a sales' team that is really a hired boiler house to do whatever it takes to sell you into a high end program. These people do NOT care about you. All they care about is making the sale with this only thought: if I don't make the sale, someone else will sucker you into your hard earned money.

The problem with this paradigm is that there is no real trust built into the process so potential clients are not educated first about what they need to be aware of before going with any high level mentoring program.

This kind of manipulative marketing is built on hype pure and simple.

Here are three simple steps to build the kind of trust to leverage the Recommendation Age so you can create and sell the most expensive programs in your niche:

1. You must be seen as the Thought Leader of your niche market. You can easily become the standard of your industry by moving the free line where potential clients have the opportunity to educate themselves properly about what they really should be asking any of your competitors.

2. Use software to automate this education so that you can deliver customized education. Currently, the Expert Positioner Software is the only software that I am aware of that will allow you to leverage Zipf's Law 24/7. The software is strategically designed to teach your ideal clients the questions that they should be asking of you competitors by delivering a customized free report that ensures a perfect market-to-message match.

When you become the one who does this, you are automatically seen as the trusted source. This software is also designed to eliminate your competitors by positioning them in light of the lowest ranking using a rating scale system (rubric). As your ideal clients self select where they stand in accordance to each question, they are also seeing your competitors from their inability to help them properly.

3. Easily use the Expert Positioner Software to repurpose your content around video case studies. These should quickly summarize a short story that reflects how you have uniquely helped others is a powerful way to exert the kind of emotional connection to your would-be clients who want to trust someone, but are unsure with whom to let their guard down.

Recommendation Age trust is build first on bypassing the negative resistance that your target market has pertaining to your competition. If you do this properly, you can leverage Zipf's Law to have your ideal clients interested in your highest end programs.

About the Author:

Glenn Dietzel CEO, Awakened, LLC Is Your Information Worth $10,000? Take This 3 Minute Quiz And Find Out... SellHighPricedPrograms.com/quiz

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