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Whether it's Traffic, Opt-ins, or Sales, the Law of Averages Works for Everyone

Whether it's Traffic, Opt-ins, or Sales, the Law of Averages Works for Everyone Some people will have better closing statistics than others. Some will have more traffic. Still others will have greater opt-ins than most. Many of these can be increased with practice and of course tracking and testing. Always track and test your methods to better your performance.

Having said that, no matter where your peak is, if you continue to advertise you will get a certain amount of traffic. The same goes for your search engine optimization, PPC, and article marketing. Of those visitors a certain percentage will opt-in. And again, a certain number will purchase your product, service, or join your down line.

This is just the law of averages. Any salesman worth his weight can tell you that regardless of talents, the more prospects you approach, the more you will sell. The numbers do not know your talents, strengths, or weaknesses. Some people don't buy certain products until asked by someone. Remember that customers interested in a certain product are going to buy from someone; it might as well be you. Put simply, if two salesmen were under the same circumstances and had the same talents, the salesman who asked the most prospects to buy would sell the greater number of products. Persistence and patience is very important in the marketing world. Your first few articles will start the ball rolling, but you will not get a lot of traffic until you have written quite a few of them, and had them distributed for a while.

This is good news for any budding marketer. If you learn your product and believe in the benefits of that product, all you have to do is present that product to enough people to make the necessary sales to reach your goals. You must take action or nothing will be accomplished and no goals will be reached.

Too often people never get started just because of the fear and anxiety surrounding the possibility of rejection. Rejection is part of the process. Not everyone will buy. If they did, everyone would be selling. Rejection is not something to fear or make you feel inferior. A great salesman knows that every no is just that much closer to a yes and a sale. At first you might be inclined to think that 2 sales out of 10 are demoralizing. In fact, this would be a 20% conversion rate. If 20% of 1000 visitors bought your $40 product, that would be $8000. Some sites get 1000's, 10,000, or more visitors a day. Even a 2% to 5% conversion would make you a fortune. So stick to it and increase your number of visitors, opt-ins, and customers. The numbers and the law of averages will work for you too.

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Mark Robinson The author has built several brick and mortar businesses from scratch to hundreds of thousands in revenues. Now, the owner of several websites, Mark is dedicated to the home-based entrepreneur. [email protected] Visit my websites now! www.howyoucanworkfromhome.com www.howyoucanworkfromhome.com/blog

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