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4 Ways To Use Affiliate Marketing To Build A Residual Income

Residual income is where you get paid over and over for doing your work one time. This is also known as repeating income as is a fantastic abstraction once you understand how to use it to your advantage.

One way to create residual income is to become an affiliate marketer. Oftentimes people do not assume of affiliate marketing as a way to create residual income.

Here are four ways you can build a residual income for the future and do it with affiliate marketing.

1. You may be acquainted with two tier affiliate programs. These programs pay you for sales that you make, and they also pay you a commission on sales of affiliates that you enlist.

A way to create residual income from this business prototype is to build a sales force of super affiliates and earn income on every sale they make. Over time you can walk away from your business and still make money every month on the sales of these highly eligible affiliates.

2. Develop multiple websites and earn money every month on autopilot. Here are people who make millions of dollars every year on websites that they do not even look at anymore. These sites produce traffic, and create commissions for them with the help of affiliate sales, as of the hard work they have done in previous years.

One way to do this is to do affiliate marketing in multiple niches. This way you can make money on the Internet promoting many varying kinds of products.

3. Sell residual income programs that involve a membership fee. For instance there are training programs on the Internet nowadays that bill on a repeatitive basis.

As an affiliate you can earn a commission every time one of these rebilling happens. Over time this can add up to a tremendous monthly income just on sales that you made in the past.

Another instance of this is to sell products people use and need again. Website hosting is a good product to sell as an affiliate as people need to host their site next month too!

4. Create your own products and let affiliates sell them for you. For instance you could produce an ebook and sell it with the ClickBank.com. Every month new sales can be made for this product as you work at creating new products.

This is four ways to use affiliate marketing to build a residual income of your own. It takes a lot of hard work to develop a residual income firstly, but the rewards down the road can be worth it financially.

About the Author:

Cherie Ang is the owner and webmaster of www.sgprofitsite.com, the site for simple work from home opportunity.

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