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Does Cloaking My Affiliate Links Increase My Commission?

There are many people, especially the novice affiliate marketers, who always underrate the importance of link cloaking. These are the people who never achieve the kind of success that a professional affiliate does. They keep wondering why their earnings are always low. What they seldom realize is that the reason behind their low income is the fact that they have not cloaked their affiliate links. With that said, there are probably people who are stealing the commissions that you are supposed to get. Besides that, many users simply may not be clicking on the link just because they can openly see that it is an affiliate link. Link cloaking is the solution to both these problems. It not only protects your income, but also helps in increasing your profits.

Hijackers Are Always On A Lookout For Uncloaked Affiliate Links

Do you know that your affiliate links, if not properly cloaked, can easily be hijacked? Even if you use scripts to disable the status bar message or the right click on your web page, a savvy hijacker can still view the source code. Therefore, simple scripting is not the solution. If you want to save your links from hijackers, you must use a good cloaking software program.

Anti-Spyware Programs Block The Uncloaked Affiliate Links

Most Internet users these days also have several anti-spyware and anti-virus programs installed on their computer. Do you know that these programs that are supposed to protect the user's computer from online threats can block your affiliate links? This is mainly because these links are lengthy and include characters that anti-spyware programs hate. Therefore, by choosing not to clock your links, you are actually losing plenty of potential buyers.

Protect Your Commissions From Link Bypassing

Link bypassing is another threat to your affiliate commissions. It has been found that after identifying that it is an affiliate link, most people simply copy the website address from the link, paste it into the address bar of their web browser, and visit the merchant's website directly, depriving you of the affiliate commission you are working so hard for day and night.

Now that you know that uncloaked links are the biggest hurdle in the way of your affiliate commissions, you must consider cloaking your affiliate links thoroughly. However, you will also have to resist the temptation to use the free cloakers because they will never provide your links the optimum level of protection that a paid cloaker can. Considering the wide array of benefits that link cloaking has to offer, it is always worth spending a few bucks to purchase the best link cloaker software program.

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