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Internet Marketing Tips: Increase Page Views And Your Online Income

Your website will only become successful when you can not only drive targeted website traffic to your website but persuade those visitors to remain on your site long enough to read your message and take action.

The more page views a website receives on a daily basis will often determine the level of success of that online business. If you are using a stat counter or Google Analytics on your website then your Unique Visitors count will increase by one when a visitor lands on your website. If that visitor goes on to view 2 or 4 inner pages of your website then your Page View count will increase by 2 or 4 respectively.

A visitor is only likely to take action if he is encouraged to spend time on your website. By enticing your visitors to visit other pages on your site is a way to make your website sticky and here are four internet marketing tips to increase page views and your online income.

1. Provide well written, unique and relevant content on your site.

Most surfers on the internet are searching for relevant, unique, high quality information. By providing them with the information they are looking for, will encourage them to explore your site further, take action there and then, or bookmark and revisit your site again. The search engines love unique content and this will help your site rank higher in the search engine results, thus attracting more visitors and increasing your page views resulting in more online income for you.

2. Your website copy should be simple and easy to read

Keep your website copy short, simple and easily readable by keeping the information concise and your paragraphs short. As many visitors have little time nowadays this will make it easier for them to scan the page and pick out exactly what they are looking for. They will not wade through long paragraphs padded with uninteresting information. If the style and content are good then they will usually read on to find what they are looking for.

3. Lay your information out with correct formatting and highlighting

A dull boring website with screeds of difficult to understand text will not encourage surfers to linger. Pay attention to the appearance and style of your website.

Highlight call to action points and areas of importance including keyword phrases. Don't cram all your information together and make use of white space as this makes it easier for a visitor to scan your page thus making your website sticky.

You can further increase page views by linking in your text to other pages of your site using words such as "click here for more info", "find out more", "read more testimonials here" and so on.

4. Add a site map and place article teasers on your main web page.

A sitemap not only helps the search engine robots navigate your website but also provides a quick and easy way for your visitors to find the information they are looking for.

You can also encourage click-throughs to other pages of your website by adding a teaser or excerpts from other pages on your site on your main web page.

These four internet marketing tips are ways that you can encourage your targeted website visitors to linger longer on your website and increase page views resulting in more online income.

About the Author:

Cynthia Minnaar, the owner of www.cyns-home-biz.com , generates online income full-time from home. She invites you to visit her site for more internet marketing tips. Click here: www.cyns-home-biz.com/Internet-Marketing-Training.htm l

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