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Top 3 Ways To Get More Spam

If you cannot get enough of deleting spam from your Inbox every morning when you login to your email, you need to just follow these simple steps and you can keep your email chock-full of spam. You can be the envy of all of your friends.

If you love reading the riveting emails about sexual performance, where to get the best knockoff watches or how to find the cheapest pharmaceuticals, we have some great advice for you.

The first thing that you can do is to publish naked links on your web site. When you publish your email address like [email protected], on your web site, spam robots can come along and harvest your email address and add it to their very own database used especially for spamming. These people will spam you, then if you are lucky, they will sell your email address to anyone willing to pay for email addresses and they will spam you over and over too. It's like hitting the spam jackpot.

In order to get the maximum spam we suggest that you do not use a product like spamdisappears.com, this product will actually encrypt the email address on your web site so the spam robots cannot read the email address, this would greatly reduce the amount of spam that you receive. Do not use spamdisappears.com

An additional way to receive as much spam as possible is to not have any sort of spam filter for your email. Whether you use a free email service or have your own email address provided with your Internet service, be sure to turn your spam filter off or set the filter for as low of a setting as possible. Also never update your software or the versions of the email applications that you are using, as you do not want and spam reducing updates to slip through and accidently get installed on your computer.

Lastly, to keep your inbox full of spam, be sure to use your personal email address as much as possible. Use your personal email address for every item that you purchase online, every newsletter that you register for, and every blog post that you make. Be sure to select the box on all registration forms that ask that if you want to receive emails from them and from any company or group associated with them. Always allow people to share your email address, and enjoy the spam that rolls in.

About the Author:

The author has developed a site that helps webmasters and bloggers drastically reduce the spam that comes from their sites. Access the free tool and antispam video tutorial at SpamDisappears.com

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