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How To Choose Domain Names

How To Choose Domain Names Domain names are used like an address to find websites on the internet. There is a lot of controversy on how to choose the best domain names. Some people think the domain names should reflect the business and some people say it doesn't matter, you only need domain names that are easy to remember. Actually both of these ideas need to be considered when you purchase a domain name.

Because domain names are only registered one time for a certain number of years you need to choose your domain names carefully. If you can find domain names to buy that are relevant, these are always a good choice. Remember though many times domain names are used in advertising that is offline and people will need to be able to remember these to type into the address bar when they are at their computer.

This is why picking domain names that are easy to remember and spell are always the best choice. Think about the confusion of using a number or a word that can be spelled multiple ways. If you do choose something that can fall into this trap always register all variations of the name so you won't lose traffic to misspellings.

There are also many extensions to choose from the .com, .info, .net, .org to name a few. Always remember most people think .com when they think internet. They can hear .org or .net and even see these extensions but type in .com out of habit. People have been trained to think .com when they think internet. Because of this it is always a good idea to get all the extensions and any possible misspellings of the name. If you don't and then build up a large traffic flow someone is bound to notice this and profit from your traffic.

Lately new extensions like .tv and .me plus recently .in is being offered. These extensions can be used in a variety of ways to complement the .com version. Many people will search for a name and find the .com is taken so they will choose the .net or .info because they were set on that particular name. This is a very unwise practice, it is best to choose an entirely different name so you can get the .com, because people will type your address into the bar with a .com and the other website will get your traffic.

Many sites that sell domain names will offer suggestions or variations to a .com name that is taken. I have often found better more relevant names using this technique. So always keep your choices open while searching and always do keyword research first to try and get domain names that contain the keyword you plan to target.

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