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Why VOIP makes sense for small businesses

Why VOIP makes sense for small businesses In this troubled economy, many small businesses are struggling to survive. In fact. things have gotten so tough, that even those businesses that are doing well are still looking for any opportunity to get leaner and meaner. That means pinching pennies at every turn - and there's no better place to start than phone service.

For companies looking to save money on the business phone lines, VOIP might just be the perfect solution.

Business phone lines have always been expensive

Historically, phone companies have really taken advantage of small business owners who wanted to maintain a multiple-line phone system just like the "big boys" had in their offices. But in order to obtain all the features they wanted, many had to pay through the nose. Now, thanks to VOIP service, businesses can add multiple lines to their office phones just by using their computers and a high-speed Internet connection.

VOIP providers offer a number of different pricing plans

One of the biggest advantages of VOIP for small business is the flexibility of the pricing plans. For the first time, business owners are able to choose from packages and plans that really meet their specific needs. Just as with consumer calling, businesses can now take a good look at their monthly call volume and choose the appropriate package. This level of flexibility has been the hallmark of VOIP phone service providers, and looks to be for the foreseeable future as well.

On the move with VOIP service

Another advent of VOIP service that benefits business is the move to cellular phones. Now, WI-FI-ready cells phones can take advantage of VOIP service anywhere there is a wireless Internet signal. This frees the entrepreneur from behind the desk and gives them the power to use their VOIP calling almost anywhere. And as the proliferation of free Wi-Fi service continues around the country, this promises to become an even more valuable asset.

Calling clients and partners for free

One of the biggest selling points for consumers who choose VOIP - that calls to other parties in the network are free - is also a benefit for businesses. Business owners can simply encourage their clients, vendors or partners to sign up for the same VOIP provider - after which everyone involved will reap the benefits.

Low prices for calling

Statistics show that the price of VOIP calls is lower across-the-board when compared to traditional phone service providers. And when you factor in the free calls to other parties who have the same service, the average price per call drops even lower. In these challenging financial times, this may be the most important reason of all for businesses to switch to VOIP.

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