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How to Write a Killer and Magnetic Headlines and Titles

How to create great headlines and titles to turn your prospects into buying customers using hypnotic words that will empower them to purchase your product or service, join your ezine.

First of all, you must learn how to get your prospects to trust you. This is true on every field. We trust those that are more like ourselves or one that we have been conditioned to believe.

"How many of you do not trust car salesman? This is because you have been repeatedly told over and over again, how they can not be trusted. Not every car salesman is going to give you a bad deal, just as every young man with long hair and holes in their jeans are not criminals."

All of us resist people we do not trust, even though it starts in our subconscious mind. So, you must learn how to get your prospects to trust you with an unconscious connection.

This can be done by perceiving others behavior and mimicking or mirroring it so to speak. To rich this we must use "embedded commands".

What are embedded commands? This is a term from NLP that stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is founded on then idea that the language and behavior of a person is extremely ordered. These behaviors and language can be either functional or dysfunctional. This order or structure can be organized into a mimicking form.

This means that others can copy the language or behavior of another to produce the same results in order to improve there late comings. This in essence means that the way in which we act or feel is based on how we perceive the world instead of the real world.

An embedded command is a technique used in NLP, which will plant a thought in the mind of another person just beneath that person's conscious awareness. Embedded commands utilize the use of commanding tone to be effective. The command generally formulates words into a question, with the tone however being in the form of a command.

The reason people use embed commands is to get their listener to do you wish them to do in a non-intrusive or demanding manner.


Look at this sentence: "You should buy this software."

Now look at the same sentence only written a little differently. "You know, that some people find they really want to purchase this software."

What happened in the second sentence is that you let the person know that other people want to purchase this software and like most people they believe in their own minds they are better than most people or at least want to know as much as everyone else put there.

You can also use the same sentence and use other hypnotic phrases such as:

I don't know if you knew it, but some people find they really want to purchase this software.

And I'd like to have you discover... that some people find they really want to purchase this software.

Headlines that Control the Mind

You will need to learn how to write headlines that will control the mind of your prospects. Yes, this is possible.

Three elements you must have in your headline to control the mind include:

Engagement: The easiest way to engage thought is by asking an open-ended question.

Curiosity: Mother nature has endowed each of us to be curious creatures, appeal to a person's curiosity and you can hypnotize almost everyone.

Short and Sweet: In general, most people want to know at glance what the letter is all about. Use a headline that is short. You can always use a longer headline as a secondary headline or sub headline. The first short headline should lead into the longer headline, which can be more hypnotic than the first one. You need to create cravings if you want prospects.

In reality, people do not purchase products; they purchase altered states of emotion. You must convince your prospects that the products will give them something they desire or crave.

You must have a product that is in area of human desire. Remember everyone wants to look and feel younger, thinner, have more energy, and of course have more stamina.

Let us see some examples of good headlines.

For Health fitness products: Eat Right, Stay Fit, Feel Young, Gain Energy, Enjoy Less Pain

Headlines for relationships: Attract the opposite sex, Find True Love, Improve Communication with your kids, Be noticed by your Boss, Be admired by coworkers

Headlines for finance and employment: Be successful, Gain more knowledge, Scale the ladder of success, Get the promotion you deserve, Fire your boss

These examples are here to show you how to create your own effective headlines. Your headlines must convince your prospects that they really need you product or service. People usually buy what they want, not what they need.
Branko Rakic
Millions Through Mind Control masscontrol.tosobiz.com/

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