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The Outlet Camera - A Review of the Cleverly Hidden Outlet Camera

The electrical outlet camera is quickly becoming one of the most popular self contained hidden cameras you can buy. That's probable due to the many advantages of using outlet cameras with only a few disadvantages.

Nearly Invisible Hidden Surveillance

No one looks closely at anything that's not right in front of them. (Some don't even see that from time to time) Since an electrical outlet is near the floor it's way out of the normal field of vision making it almost invisible.

Even the rare person who happens to see your wall outlet camera will completely ignore it since it's just part of the normal scenery. Outlets aren't usually thought of as very interesting and a six plug adapter isn't any better.

Nothing More to Buy

The components are self contained in the tiny outlet housing. You get a camera and DVR both built right in to the tiny outlet housing.

This means you do not have to make another purchase or even connect this hidden camera to a VCR for it to work. The only thing you really have to worry about is keeping up with the remote control.

Simple Set Up

The greatest advantage to an outlet camera over other types of hidden cameras is probably the easy set up and installation. Sure, all self contained hidden cameras are easy to set up and install, but this one takes it another step further.

If you are "technically challenged" you'll love how simple an outlet hidden camera is to set up. There is nothing new you will have to learn in order to set to and use it.

Even if you do happen to be a technical genius you're going to be thrilled with having at least one less complicated project. We may enjoy working with our hands and get a nice sense of accomplishment after completing a DIY project but it's also nice to get a break every once in a while.

Either way you will be impressed with just how much time and trouble this set up will save you. I'll explain it in the whole three steps it requires.

1. Take it out of the box. If you've survived more than one Christmas holiday this is a piece of cake.

2. Install SD card. Do you have a digital camera? The SD card for this hidden camera is installed exactly the same way.

3. Plug the camera in to an electrical outlet. You don't even have a cord to worry about with these cameras. Just plug it directly in to any wall outlet and your camera is ready to go.

Easy to Record

Now that your camera is set up it's time to learn how to record the video. Recording is done by using the included remote control, just like changing channels. Motion Detection Recording

You can also set the camera for motion detection and let your camera automatically record when motion is detected. With motion detection on you will never have to look through hours of useless footage. Your camera will only record while something is happening.

If you're worried that Fido will set off the motion detection and waste your storage space, don't. By using the Area Masking feature you can mask the lower area from the view so it wont pick up movement near the floor.

Easy Add On for an Existing Surveillance System

For an existing surveillance system these cameras offer a very simple add on. You can keep that extra channel or two reserved for one or two more normal security cameras and still include hidden cameras too.

Your standard security cameras can give you real time monitoring capability and better low light vision. At the same time this simple hidden camera allows you to have a separate back up recording. You also get better evidence because no one is trying to avoid the camera since they cannot see it.

Well, Nothing Is Perfect

No Internet Capability - As with anything there are a couple of disadvantages. First of all an electrical outlet camera is not networkable. You cannot log in and view your footage over the internet.

No Black and White - Camera options are reduced to color only. While color does give you the most realistic picture it does not show detail as well as black and white in low light conditions.

Not Suited for Real Time Monitoring - As a self contained hidden camera they are not designed for monitoring, only playback. If you do need to view the video footage as it is happening then this is not the right product for you.

Final Thoughts

These cameras are great time savers and can make a simple addition to any security system. While there are few disadvantages to owning this hidden security device they are outweighed, by far, by the many great advantages.

A hidden outlet camera can give you an immediate and simple solution to your hidden surveillance needs. With it's near invisibility, easy set up and recording you can't ask for much more in a hidden camera.
Make your next hidden camera a simple one. Get your own outlet camera today. David English owns Marshall Self Defense www.marshallselfdefense.com/ - a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to helping you keep your family safe.

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