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Private Label Rights (PLR) and Spamming

PLR is material that the author gives rights to change and/or redistribute the product(s). These can be just about any product. The author can be very strict in one extreme, to all the way the other way to letting you change it completely as you want, give yourself the credit and relink any links to your own site(s).

PLR has a bad rap as spammers flood video sites, article sites, blogs, and other sites with this, usually it is going to be duplicate content as someone else has already spammed the site earlier with it. A lot of PLR is watered down filler and/or sales pitches with little or no real information.

The following methods are if the original author(s) allow it according to the documentation.

Find the best PLR with real information.

These are just a few methods that can be used with PLR saving you many hours of time coming up with your own information from scratch. PLR can also give you ideas that may only have been touched on in the material but you can expand on it to make the material original.

* Combine products into unique packages that cannot be found anywhere else. Give away part of it and sell another part.

* Change the format. There are services that charge to do this so this is a viable service as you can change an article into video slides or video screen capture tutorials using paid or free software. Change audio into articles or the reverse of this. Utilize live video or streaming video services using PLR that has not been done in this fashion before. People benefit from these formats as they may not be able to utilize a product easily or at all in the original format.

* Avoid selling products that can be found for free as they are or sending it to sites that want original content.

* Give them away as bonuses for free to make an original product more attractive as many people may not have known about this before.

* Auction unique packages of PLR. Sell for next to nothing if you want and build your mailing list for your email newsletter.

* Find the best PLR and give away in individual packages from your site(s) and build your mailing list.

* There are free and paid PLR membership sites that bring in new original content all of the time. Be the first to utilize this content and or give away the memberships using their affiliate programs that these sites offer.

* Use PLR to give answers to questions about items in question and answer forums. Run a link to the material. Selling from here is going to probably get you the boot off the forum. Give the first package away free but sell an expanded package. Stay on the exact topic of the forum or the boot is likely to happen. Your sign on signature can have a link to the free content.

* Make a free "viraling" Ebook. Many Ebooks are worthless using regurgitated info scraped from help files of sites. People can tell you scraped it as it will be easy obvious information. The better it is the more viral it will go. Give real info that is combined with good PLR. Put it in pdf format using paid or free software with your live links to your site(s).

* One of the best uses of PLR is to use part of it for you email newsletters combining it with your own original content to expand a subject.

Written by: Glenn Heitkoetter. For Free membership and 79 Ways To Make Money With PLR Products: www.info-soup.com/plr

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