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Potential Dangers of Expired Domain Business - Some Precautionary Tips

Investing on expired domain names could be very risky and dangerous if you are not careful enough in managing them. The perceived potential of earning huge income is very high with very good domains. On the same vein, the chances of losing your money in the business could also be very high especially when you commit blinders after blunders. Most of the newbie domain traders commit lot of mistakes while managing their business operation. Most of them who buy expired-domains end up in making huge losses by adapting very bad trading methods.

Newbie domain traders should remember that maintaining their domain names is actually very costly and difficult. Each additional expired domain may cost them an extra $25 to the overall maintenance bill and this figure recurs every year as well. In reality, the actual cost of $10 as annual renewal fee may not look very big. However, a big portfolio of domains may cost you too much money in combination. Sometimes, you may need to spend an additional amount of about $3 for each domain in the maintenance process.

When combined, the annual renewal fees to be payable on a stock of expired domain names could dent your pocket in a big way. To bridge the gap or to maintain the renewal parity, you will need to sell some of them at good profits. Otherwise, you will be sitting on a stock of expensive domains that are almost useless. Let us say that you have a stock of 100 expired domains. Let us assume that each one of them costs around $10 as annual renewal fees. In total, the cost renewing all the 100 domains come to about $1000. This is a huge sum of money for any domain trader. In order to cut losses, you will need to create a turnover of a minimum of $1000 by selling some of them. This amount is just enough to cover the cost of renewing those domains. This is possibly the most frustrating thing with selling expired domain names.

On the other hand, expired domain business becomes commercially nonviable when you buy a few numbers of domains. The average selling rate for an ordinary expired

domain name is about $25. It means that if you do not sell a name, you will be investing another $1o towards annual renewal fees. In all, you will be creating a loss of $10 every year on a domain that sells at $25! Sitting down on an expired domain is likely to cause accumulated losses every year. Domain traders always commit the mistake of waiting for that big sale in the hope that it will bring a huge income!

Many domain traders also commit the mistake of buying expired domains that come with assumed traffic. However, the traffic associated with an expired domain could be of very bad quality and most of these incoming links are not sustainable. Real traffic comes only when someone types the actual URL of the domain. Also known as organic traffic, this provides you a great opportunity to earn decent profits.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web sites called www.expireddomainsecret.com and www.expireddomaingains.com which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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