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Link Building with Search Directories

In 1996, the founders of Google came up with the novel idea that links from other web pages can be used to determine the importance of a web page. The idea represents the level of importance using a logarithmic value between zero and 10. A Page Rank of 10 indicates the web page is of high importance while the zero has little or no importance. The level of importance is determined by the number and quality of links directed at the web page. Advantages and disadvantages exist in using search directories for link building purposes.

3 Advantages of Link Building with Search Directories

Relevance - link directories allow you to get links in categories relevant to your business. According to Google' topical match theory, a link from a web page about a Ford Mustang to a web page about a Ford Mustang helps increase relevance for the target web page. Conversely, a link from a web page about potatoes would not be relevant for the Ford Mustang web page.

Inexpensive - some link directories provide links at no monetary cost. Some, however, require a reciprocal link from your web page to their homepage. Still, others allow you to purchase a life-time link for a small amount.

Easy to Acquire In-bound Link - in most cases getting a link from a directory is easy. All you need to do is find a category in which you believe your link should exist and submit your link request. The directory owner may edit your link request and move it to a different category.

3 Disadvantages of Link Building with Search Directories

Moving Targets - directories list their inventory in several different models. Links within directories using first in - first out inventory presentations are typically helpful. However, many directories use different inventory presentation models. In these alternate inventory presentation models, the links become moving targets as inventory is added or removed. The alternate methods cause the links to have no value since the search engines have problems keeping an accurate account of the links.

Single Links - most directories use allow a single link to your website. With these directories, your link is next to your competition with a short description of your business. The single link must point to your homepage. Some directories do allow deep linking or linking into your internal web pages. Deep links are far better for your website than links to your home page.

Reciprocal Link Required - directory owners often require a reciprocal link back to their home page before they approve your link. When the link to your website becomes a moving target the link back to the directory becomes viewed as a one-way link. Since one-way links are of more value, the trade is unequal.

In Conclusion

Search directories, like anything else, offer advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these advantages and disadvantages can help you improve your link building activities. Using search directories to your advantage can help you achieve higher placements in the search results. Of course, that's what we all want any way.

Lee Roberts, owner of www.CommerceRegistry.com/ a SEO friendly directory and www.ShopOklahomaOnline.com/ an Oklahoma SEO friendly business directory. Both provide dedicated marketing pages that advertisers can optimize for search engine placement with multiple inbound links to one's website.

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