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Why You Must Find Out About Product Launches Early!

If you are an affiliate marketer, one secret to making more sales is finding out about product launches early. This is true even if you are new to affiliate marketing and have a very tiny list.

The reason that this is true is that when you find out about a product launch early, you can position yourself to take advantage of organic search engine traffic during the product launch. There are dozens of things that you can do so that you will rank near the top of the search engines for very important product-related keywords when you find out about a product launch early.

You can set up pages on dozens of web 2.0 type properties such as Blogger.com, Hubpages, Squidoo, etc., and if you have the right content on these pages you will rank very high for product-related keywords by launch date. The key is to get your pages up early, post often, and then get them noticed by the search engines. Product owners will often provide you with tons of just the right content!

Another reason that you want to find out about affiliate product launches early is that it gives you more time to prepare a bonus to offer purchasers of those product. It's no secret that the people who sell the most of a product during many launches are the ones who offers the most enticing bonuses. Since the basic product is the same no matter who the customer purchases from, that only makes sense. The bonus is what keeps the product that you're marketing from being just a commodity.

Often, there are numerous products being launched at the same time. Since you can only effectively promote one product at a time, knowing what product launches are coming up allows you to focus on the one most appropriate for your customers. It's very disheartening to plan for promoting a specific product, and then to discover on launch day that there is a product more suitable for your customers being launched on the same day.

When you promote any product, you really should plan out a complete promotional campaign. That is, you should flow out how and when you are going to do multiple promotions. Those promotions could include emails, interviews, articles, press releases, and perhaps even videos. You can't flow out these promotions unless you find out about the product launch early enough. Ideally, you plan a protracted campaign - one where you will continue to make sales even after the big launch is over.

Finally, you need to find out about product launches early because you need to allow sufficient time to actually get a review copy of the product, and to go through it with a fine-toothed comb. You absolutely should not promote any product that you haven't actually gone through, and with some of the more substantial products, that could take a week or more.

Those are just a few of the reasons that you really do want to stay informed on what new product launches are coming up in your niche. If you only learn of an impending product launch a few days, or even a week before it happens, you are so behind. Especially for great search engine positioning, there are things that you need to do at least a month in advance.

Decide today that you're going to keep up with all of the product launches in your industry, and market a lot smarter.

Willie Crawford is founder and executive director of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. IAJVB maintains a comprehensive database of upcoming product launches, giveaways, and internet marketing events. Get a free Silver IAJVB membership now at: IAJVB.ORG

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